Working for GC and owning HI Firm

Good morning,
I’m currently the director of sales for a general contractor in Florida. I also, recently started my home inspector firm.

 My supervision at the GC caught wind of it and wants to discuss liability. I know that I can't sell a project to HI client within a year of my inspection, but they're saying that there is a liability because of my affiliation with both companies. 

 When I'm operating in the HI capacity I don't even mention my position with the GC. I honestly get enough work without having to hustle renovations and repairs through the HI business. I feel like the GC is trying to use that to keep me from moonlighting and progressing my own business. 

 I know from an ethics standpoint NACHI wants a year, but I haven't read anything specifically pertaining to liability for myself and the GC. I'm under the impression that so long as I don't actively solicit work from my HI clients I'm in the clear. 

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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What exactly is your question? You can’t work on a home for 12 months is pretty self-explanatory.

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Agreed. I just wanted to see if anyone has had an experience from the liability side. I want to have my ducks in line when I have this conversation.

Listen to what he says. He likely wants to ensure there is severability between you and his company. I would be open minded and understanding of his concerns. Then ask if he is willing to be open to your pursuing your career if severability can be obtained through proper legal protections.


Thanks for the reply!

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I’m a residential contractor in Florida and also a state license home inspector. Like the others said what is your question?

In a nutshell, I agree with your employer. It boils down to the “Appearance of a Conflict of Interests”.
Your employer takes all the risk, and you basically take none as you are a new ‘start-up’ with nothing to lose. You should have had a long conversation with your employer before you made your first step as an HI.
IMO, do whatever your employer asks of you, or resign and go FT with inspecting.


Thanks, Jeffrey, I’m going to take your advice.

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