Worlds Fastest Shooter?


I watched a show about the greatest shots, the other day, you should see another guy shoot 7 clay pigeons, that he tossed up in the air before they hit the ground! Awesome, before my vision went bad, I could write my name with a gun and strike a match, but i never tried the speed thing. One night at hunt camp, a buddy of mine was playing quick draw with his colt and shot his foot, and later the **idiot **tried to reclaim his pride, and shot his leg. Emphasis on idiot! You should watch that show John, it was on the History channel. :cool:

My claim to fame was when I took my CHL shooting range test.
Several of the local sheriffs department were taking the same test
that day. I shot a perfect score and none of them did.

They all looked at me and I told them that I shoot a pistol about
once every 15 years and have no skills at all. They all looked at
each other kinda funny. :frowning:

Good job!

Now that is one hell of a shooter.

I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.