Worst caulk job contest

What’s the worst caulk job you’ve ever seen? Here’s my entry:shock:

I don’t have pictures of bad caulk but I have seen worse.

Can’t wait for the other photos to show up.

I inspecting a new home the other day. Pre-drywall. The painters hadn’t started the exterior yet.
This home had no caulk installed YET. But It will require more than it should unless the builder makes some corrections. Some gaps in the trip/siding are up to 1/2" wide. This is a $400k + home.

Looks like you would come out of that tub dirtier than when you got in… #getthebleachout

WOW David. That is some sloppy cutting. As a contractor myself breaking into the Inspection services I would have been ashamed to put my name on that kind of work. This is one of my completed jobs after ripping out rotted wood and about a ton of caulking but unfortunately I didn’t get to many close shots.

I believe they used the whole tube for this area!!


And then they find out a week later its still leaking. I’ve seen vinyl window inserts held with just caulk. Makes me wonder why you would pay someone for that kind of work, or most times the homeowners did the work.

A little putty and paint, make the carpenter, what he ain’t.:wink:

i guess the owner appreciates buttugly design & finish

hope that’s not really an example of your work

if so you’re givin’ the kinfolk a bad name

even though we’re not directly related

Woo hooo! Put it on thick and wide, that will cover that mold up:mrgreen:

I believe that is your tub…Huh?
I’d rather see to much than not enough.

I reserve the word “gobbed” for these caulking type installations in my report.

Screw the caulk gun. Just spread some on your hand and slap on.:mrgreen:

As a Finish Carpenter I have heard that more than a few times lol.

My old boss would throw that out at me now and then if I thought it was good, and if he didn’t I got that saying. Better to learn from a guy like that than a trimmer with a caulk gun in his toolkit.

The guys coming up now hear “Hurry up, were starting another job tomorrow.”

That is the direction construction is headed now. Blow and go. Taking pride in your work is getting to be undesirable.

Might as well do a half as s job since the materials are only designed to last 20 years anyway. PFFT

Makes you wonder why the buyers put in a contract to purchase. I did an inspection the other day for a person who just graduated college with a masters degree. She did not know what an electrical panel looked like, or what it was for.

We are so under-paid, but with the newbies and cheap franchise guys making $20 an hour doing inspections for their “boss”, it not easy raising prices.

I inspected a new home last week for moisture intrusion in the attic. Turned out to be some insulation had blown around and left a cold spot so frost was forming.

While I was there she asked me to look at a few other things.
The baseboards had been coped but I think they used a chain saw to do it. The cut did not match the profile at all and some were a 1/4" away. Not one door trim met tight in the corner. The cupboards looked like they were ready to fall of the wall.

The worst area was the railing and newel post at the top of the stairs (Bi-Level). The newel post had been pushed through the floor but they had cut the beam and stairwell joists to get it in. They secured it with one screw near the bottom. The other end against the wall was not secured to the wall at all. The railing was falling over just touching it. The general contractor told them “that is how they are built”.

I really wish there was some pride in peoples work but it isn’t about doing it right anymore, it’s all about the money.

I love it when I point out deteriorated caulk and the homeowner says they just did it last year and it’s 20 year caulk…