Worst Panel

This is absolutely the worst panel install I have ever seen in a newly renovated home. This should be a crime - actually it probably is since it’s obvious this person was not licensed.

lol Charlotte’s web

Typical rehab. I may start charging larger fees on rehabs.

That’s pretty ugly. There are a few visible violations but I wouldn’t take a skilled pro very long to fix it up to at least a code compliant level.

True but makes you wonder about the things you cant see. The plumbing work was also fun.

Obviously they never read the “neat and workman like manner” part, which is actually a code requirement!

That standard is basically unenforceable due to its vagueness. What is neat to some may not meet the same criteria for another inspector.

There always exists areas that are somewhat vague, but are completely enforceable by the AHJ. Tell me your interpretation of “arranged to drain” when speaking of conduits mounted on the exterior and I will tell you mine. Both probably differ and it is still enforceable.

I think it would be tough to argue that the panel in question is neat and workman like manner. You are like me though and probably have seen this kinda work to many times to even remember unfortunately.

Hello Everyone,

I will give my comments on the enforcement ability of section 110.12- Mechanical Execution of Work.

In many cases I run accross electricians who ask me about the enforceability of that section and i remind them of a few things. Like it or not; the local inspector holds all the cards when determining this one and that fact should not be overlooked.

While I don’t like to play fortune teller on this I probably have better odds at being right than the Mayan’s did on picking the date for the end of the world…Or did they?

What I am saying is this, if the electrical contractor wants to fight a rejecting ticket that uses Section 110.12 in court or judicial arbitration then he/she may win. However, in the long run who really wins???

In my experience (and you know I hate inspectors with “God Complexes”) the electrician will always loose. Now with that said since we are not talking about municipal inspections that’s a different story but a hazard is a hazard no matter how you slice it so always recommend it be evaluated when it looks like a mass of ignorance at work. By defering it to be evaluated you reduce your risk of potential liability in the long run. Obvioulsy if there are defects or other concerns you list those as well but remember, your strongest took in your bag is the power to defer on all issues that are beyond of the scope of your normal inspection.

So is it beyond the scope (I have been a member here long enough to know that question is sure to be asked) Well if something looks bad, smells bad and raise the hair on your neck then chances are it needs to be evaluated by an expert. With the exception of a few, HI’s are not considered experts in electrical installations and I hope that does not offend anyone as it should not. Once you see a serious issue in a panel like this, and you notice the really poor workmanship then you have grounds to defer and defer you should.

Just some thoughts and comments…Party On Inspectors and be thankful the Mayan’s we’re wrong or better yet improperly quoted.

My experience when dealing with issues like this that HI’s post is that usually there is something wrong we can’t see in a picture. So with that said and knowing they should not quote codes or play municipal inspector it is far better to note what you see… Defer the rest as when it gets sloppy like this there has to be some issues in there we can’t see…and I hate quoting from images…but that’s just me.