Everything was permitted

Anything wrong here?:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Code inspector at work: “Looks good Fred! Keep up the good work.”

HA! Harry strikes again…

You said "permitted’, not inspected…big difference…it happens a lot more than it should!!:twisted::mrgreen:

Permit was closed out and inspected.:shock::shock:


Sounds like when I was in the commercial/industrial TAB (Test, Adjust, Balance) field…There was always talk about the systems that were “balanced” in motel rooms!!!

Ugly, but not nearly as bad IMO as an electrical service panel with obvious improperly rated circuit breakers that “passed,” as I have seem more than once. :shock:

This past summer, I had an inspection in which a 3 year old, 3 storey residential duplex with partial basement had the grade level garages turned into commercial spaces with new electrical entrances plus fire separation. They had to separate a lot of wiring from the original service panels in the garages to new panels installed directly above in the 2nd storey of the residences. Due to rental agreements being terminated at different times, the new wiring/wire separation for each side was done by differeent electricians.

During the inspection, I saw that the 2 new meter boxes had inspection stickers and thought things should be fairly straight forward on the electrical…NOT!!! One of the new commercial spaces (old garage space) was vacant, having been a hairdressing salon. Its power was turned off by the utility but I still could see problems in the wiring!! A couple of days later, I went back after power was turned on and now found a bit of a nightmare!! One of the craziest was that the light to the residential basement, which was OK during the initial inspection, would not turn “off”…it was somehow wired directly from the original panel…luckily it was wired from the same leg of the panel or it would have been a 240 volt dead short!

The vendor said he would get an electrician in to correct things. A couple of days later, I dropped in to find a young out-of-work apprentice electrician working but being a bit perplexed about things. I asked him to leave the site. A few days later, the vendor hired an older, “licensed” electrician that I never met but again refused his work after looking it over a bit…some of it was worse than the younger fellow’s work.

The realtor, who was on both sides of the deal and stood to make probably $18-$22,000 commission, said she would hire her electrician and pay for all the work. Well, 1+1/2 more days work by the licensed electrician with his licensed son, the work was done and the 2 units were almost to code with a cost of $2,800. And this had been “inspected”…err…labelled as inspected by the AHJ!!

BTW, the realtor and vendor were fairly recent, poor-English speaking immigrants and the 2 younger sister-buyers were native born, English speaking from the same ethnic group as the others; they spoke the ethnic language very well…at times, they all reverted to their first language and I had to remind them, I didn’t speak -------!