Would you call this out?

This roofing system is an 8/12 pitch and the OSB decking has a joint directly over a joint in the truss. Do you think this is structurally a weak point in the system?

No! God no!

Red Solo Cup, you’re my friend.:slight_smile:

Here is one that I bounced on for a while. No is the answer for sure.
Funny thing is I just put this up on the OntarioAchi site.:smiley:

I actually noticed it while performing a wind mit., so it was never any part of the inspection. If on a complete home inspection, I would NOT call it out. I was just curious of the what the feedback would be. Thanks.

On an 8 / 12…

Not sure I would…
I would have to check code reference and consult with Staff Engineers
before posting an opinion.


When designing residential roof trusses roof sheathing is only considered as dead load and lateral support for the top chord of the truss. The joint spacing or sheet orientation is not part of the truss design.