Alum gutters

This gutter in the front of my house seems to slant more towards the
house instead of away or alittle towards the downspout. This i measured
with a level .My ? is , if you see the picture , shouldn’t the builder of put
another downspout on the corner of the house or one against the wall
for better drainage because water sits in there and wont drain . I think it
is because of this and also it’s closest downspout is all the way around the corner into the neighbors yard next to the chimney. Your thoughts ,thanks

20x20 300x250 A.JPG

Hi Rafael,

You have now crossed over to our world of “should of’s” and “why nots”…bottom line is you are correct in the sense that it would have been easier…but bottom line is not if the side you are showing would discharge onto the neighbors property as you are not allowed to discharge strom water onto your neighbors property.

That still does no aleviate the builder or gutter installer form using the proper slope so that the water is “carried” way and toward the closet spout.

There is normally four down pipes at the gutters of an average size home with a hip roof. All gutters should slope to the down pipes, or have the down pipes installed at the lower end or lowest elevation.

Lookinat the picture the left side of my house goes into the neighbor and has a down that drains in his yard. Would you recommend iinstall another one on my side on the corner or to the right side of the pic hitting the house. Can i just adjust for rise with the hangers also.Yhanks guys