Gutter Downspout

Hi everyone, Can you please advise if this downspout would be up to code in NY State. The addition and gutters/downspouts were inspected and approved by the City, but they were on the other side of the addition and now have been moved after the inspection. The “top” downspout on the left side of the photo is for the roof run off and is pointed straight at my house instead of down the graded walkway. The downspout on the right is for a small addition/entry to an inhabitable cellar (that I believe will be used as an illegal apartment due to months of unpermited construction.) The houses are approx. 11 feet apart. Thanks for any advice.



Difficult to give an opinion without a picture. However, in general, you cannot pipe your roof drains so that they direct water to a neighboring property.

Changes after an inspection may have been a requirement of the inspection process. You would be best to inquire of the local authorities and advise them of any concerns.