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I am currently performing my first writing essay (Structural Issues), on a component of the foundation. I chose to inspect the Sill Plate, due to the type of construction, and my limited mobility at the moment. I feel like I need to submit multiple photo’s in order to complete the report, and essay. Can we submit multiple photo’s, or should I start from scratch. Maybe I am over-complicating the assignment?.. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome to our forum, Carson.

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The writing essays are typically very short and simple.
It’s usually just one picture and a few sentences explaining the picture.
Don’t overcomplicate it :grinning:


What @dhorton2 said :point_up_2:. The whole point of the exercise is to learn how to write a narrative about a single issue. Take a single picture of something preferably defective and write a narrative about it. Like the instructions say, 40 words written at a 4th grade reading level. Keep it simple.


Thank you, Its great to be here. I thought of that after I had posted the question. It is great to have this forum, as well as a ton of other resources at your disposal. Thanks again for the response.

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Thanks Daniel, after starting on it I thought I might be trying to do a little too much, given the simplicity of the instructions. Thanks again for responding…

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