Wrong With This Picture?


Old habits from years past.
Years passed when all electrical boxes were metal, they would wrap the tape around them so the screws or wires would not make contact with the metal.


I remember, done it myself so I would hardly call that wrong. There is something else.

3 hands?
And someone is touching the hot screw.


I see two black wires. one with white tape, designating it a neutral?

That’s a good eye Dom… :sunglasses:

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That was my take. I don’t ever remember needing three hands to tape an outlet!

Hopefully the power is off.


If the power was on, I think the photo would be a little more blurred.

Using the plug in for the connection…better is wrapped on the screw. Electrical tape was so over-used. I cant tell you how much I’ve removed from outlets in my house.