WTB: Old Service Panels

I’m looking to PURCHASE an old Federal Pacific STAB-LOK panel and an old Zinsco panel. I’d prefer both panels have at least some breakers. I know this is a somewhat crazy request, but I’m sure some of the electricians that frequent the board have these laying around. I’m happy to pay a reasonable sum for the panel and I will also pick up the shipping tab.

Thank you

Scott Coslett

I can’t believe noboby here has an old FPE or Zinsco panel that they can donate you.

Scott, I usually throw them out as soon as I rip them out. Mostly FPE, I rarely see a Zinsco.

Don’t you have a place that sells construction salvage? We have a place that sells everything from old toilets to vintage electrical equipment to 100 year old wood flooring. They are actually a demolition company making extra profit off their jobs by salvaging what they can sell before they bring on the wrecking ball.

Scott, I’m looking for one as well. Our speaker for the February NEPA-Pocono NACHI Chapter is supposed to bring an old FP with him. If I find one first I will share it with you NO CHARGE.

For the rest reading - Scott is a great guy and a damn good inspector, He also travels upwards of 2 hours to attend chapter meetings!
The man is dedicated to his clients and the betterment of the industry as a whole!

Brian -

I don’t see many Zinsco’s over here in NE PA…once in awhile I come across one. Lots of STAB-LOK’s. Thats interesting you (working in AZ) don’t see many Zinsco’s either. I thought they were based out of CA…could be wrong.

In regard to finding a used panel, I’ve talked to a number of local electricians about an old FP and Zinsco panel. Seems like most if not all the electricians leave the old panels for the customer. Thats mildly surprising to me. My area is relatively small and rural and regrettably we don’t have any building salvage yards to rummage through. That would be a lot of fun.

Chris -

I have placed a check in the mail for the very kind comments (wink!, wink! :wink: ). Regrettably I will be out of town from the 02/05 to 02/13 so I will be missing the Feb. meeting. Sounds like you have once again put together a killer meeting. HOWEVER I will make every effort to get there in March.

While I have the attention of all of NACHI (well, at least those reading this post), thanks to Chris for all the hard work organizing NEPA-Pocono meetings. You sir are the definition of dedication to the industry and your fellow inspectors!


Hope your trip is for relaxation! Don’t do what I do, I consider going to conventions as a vacation! :mrgreen: Though the wife had fun in Vegas last October while I was sitting in seminars! :roll:

“definition of dedication” damn man, it’s the slow season! (check sent … but don’t cash it till March or it’ll bounce high enough to put a hole in the O-zone layer!)

Hope to see you in March, we have a basement waterproofing company lined up.

Hey guys and gals –

Still looking for a FP stab-lok and Zinsco panel. Will pay reasonable cost for the panels including shipping. Have a presentation coming up…HELP!

Thank You

Scott Coslett

I tore out a 200 amp MB FPE panel, full of breakers, with “E” and “F” stab holes today if anyone wants it.


If nobody claims it, please put it aside. It’ll come in handy for a chapter sooner or later

Hi Mark, Scott’s out of town but I’ll be glad to grab it for him… maybe he’ll allow the chapter to borrow it once in a while :mrgreen:

I have to leave for an inspection right now but you can contact me any time after 2 pm for Pick up or shipping address/cost. Feel free to leave an email if you have time.
Thank you

Marc -

As Chris mentioned, I’m away until 02/13…just checked the board from my in-laws. I will definetely take the panel if you don’t mind holding on to it for a few days. I’ll contact you when I get back to PA on the 13th. If you wish, e-mail me at: scoslett@pa.metrocast.net

Thanks Marc!

Chris -

We will consider this the ‘Chapters’ panel…thanks for watch’n the board in my absence!

Thanks Chris!

Marc -

Sent you a PM concerning the panel you have. As a non-member, I’m not sure if you got it. If not, e-mail me.




I will have one in a few weeks. My nephew is in the process of buying a place with FP Stablok, and it will be replaced. Unit is from 1959, and is in good shape with about 12 breakers. I will have the electrician save it for me. I will send it to whoever will pay for shipping. I will post info when I have it in my hands.

Bart, just tell me where to send the check.
Thank you!