WTB: FP and Zinsco

Do any of the professional electricians have any Federal Pacific and Zinsco (prefer AL bus) service panels laying around that they might be interested in selling? Will pay a reasonable fee + shipping. I’d like to find one good example of each panel with dead fronts, and at least some breakers.

I’ve asked local electricians, but with little luck…especially the zinsco stuff.

Thanks in advance.

E-mail: scoslett@pa.metrocast.net

I’ve got a nice FPE laying on my junk pile right now, with breakers. I accumulate between 3 and 8 old panels every week, of all sorts. Fuse panels, FPE panels, not so much Zinsco ever installed in my area (they’re more prevalent in Cali). You’re welcome to any of them. PM me with your address, and I’ll have someone box whatever you want up and ship it off. Not sure where Berwick is, but you could stop by the shop and pick it up too. I’m in Cumberland County.

What do you want them for, anyhow? Giving a lecture someplace?

hello there Scott, I was originally from Drums. I lived on the Hobbie Mountain (that’s the mountain just between drums valley and Berwick. Rt 93 hope things are going good in your area.

Marc -

Thanks for the help! I’ll PM my info to you this weekend.

I have a little ‘show-and-tell’ that I’ve been doing for various groups. I did one last week for a local Lions club that an inspection client belonged to. I have pretty good samples of old cable, receptacles, switches, etc., but none of the ‘big’ hardware. Its crazy…I’ve come across a number of good examples of these panels but they’re always attached to someone’s house!
The attached pics from last week is the 1st Zinsco I’ve seen in more than a year. Definitely not alot in NE PA. I’m in Columbia County about 12 miles east of Bloomsburg along the Susquehanna and Rt 80.

Ah, yeah, Scott. That’s a beauty! RR-7 low voltage lighting relays too. Must be a higher end house. That Zinsco panel looks like it’s just the lighting panel.

Brian -

Always good to hear from a former local. I know your home turf well. You should have been in the area during the Valentine’s day storm…I tried (like a fool) to deliver a water sample to the lab I use in Hazleton the day after the storm. It took me over 4 hours to go to Hazleton and return to Berwick. What a major mess.


Yes, higher end house of 50’s vintage. There was recessed lighting everywhere! I image it was quite a selling point when the house was new. Regretably the HI (me) is the one that has to break the news to the buyer that the whole thing was outdated. Many of the lighting circuits didn’t operate. Also, quite a few circuits were extremely noisy when standing by the switching panel. Many, many call outs on that one.