Yellow Pages vs Internet vs Realtor

Does anyone have some figures that show what percentage
of Clients find an Inspector in different ways?

Search Engines On Internet?
Yellow Pages On Internet?
Printed Yellow Pages?
Realtor Recommendations?

Interesting note: I find that most of my Internet Clients are
more willing to pay a higher price for an inspection than the Clients
that find me through the printed Yellow Pages. :cool: (GO NACHI)

I also find that more and more of my Clients come from the Internet
and there seems to be less coming from the Printed Yellow Pages.
I am tempted to drop the YP all together. :neutral:

Has anyone got some tid bits of information along these lines?

I advertise in the yellow pages book all year and not one stinkin call from them at all. I am not going to continue to advertise that way anymore.

Yellow Pages are a waste of money.

You should come to one of my talks on “Why consumers choose a particular inspector over another.”

I’ve done so much research on this question, I can’t begin to tell you.


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It varies, one place to another.

In Colo, I had gobs of contacts via the NACHI web presence. In ID, I can’t trace one back, for any certainty. I believe it is - or was- because NACHI’s listing didn’t take into consideration the of Coeur d**’**Alene.

I’m lucky that I’m in the top of Google “Coeur d’Alene Home Inspectors” searches. I get quite a few that way.

For years, I never ventured into the YP’s. This year I tried it, and it has paid for itself (in a very slow year). Being listed as:
A.C.E. Home Inspections
(Accurate, Certified, Experienced)

  • helps alphabetically.

This issue has been hashed over on the MB - and old forum - in the past.

Bottom line for me, most of my calls come from RE agents, no question about it. Second is clients finding me on the net, followed by clients finding me in printed matter (brochures, YP, ads).

your mileage is likely to vary!

As long as I’ve been doing this, I get squat off YP. Last year I got good hits on the internet off NACHI; this year its turned and most of my hits are coming off NAHI. ASHI has done less than both the others both years AND I was the 1st ASHI inspector between Denver & St. Louis. Go figure…

I get most of mine off the internet, Saint Louis ASHI Chapter has dropped it’s yellow page add for good as of 2007.

I have also dumped the yellow pages, although I done slightly better Wifred I got 2 calls. Only one of those turned into a inspection. I would say that about 40% of my work comes from the internet

Here’s is something to think about. I have had 2 clients this month that told be they got my info from my website. After talking a little bit more, they said they got my website/address from my yellow page ad. I still get 1-2 a month from the yellow pages. But that’s just my opinion.
**Yellow Pages vs. Internet **

As FutureWire points out, the Internet is becoming the preferred choice of shoppers, collectors or just regular window gazers. Makes perfect sense.


Referrals 52%
Internet 30%
Office drops 14%
Mail 4%
Nothing in 2 years from the phone book.


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