Yes or No?

What do you think??

And after the time is up, I may explain what this is about…maybe there’s a reason.

But darned if I know what it is…

TIME’S A-WASTIN’…the poll expires 8-31-09. We need your input, so put in your input…

Hi Jae…how have you been ole buddy?..Staying out of trouble?—:stuck_out_tongue:

Well since you’re asking a tough question with many possibilities, I’m going with:


Heh, heh, heh…I just ain’t been gettin’ caught…;-):wink:

So how’s it by you?

One REPO after ANOTHER…!!!

Incredible, never been so busy in my life, but I sure wish I wasn’t inspecting these torn up bank owned properties…!!-------:shock:

I’ve inspected hundreds of homes this year and can count on one hand how many have NOT been Bank Owned…it’s wild here…!!—:shock:

It was that way all last winter–then it smoothed out to some decent homes. Had a couple of 5K sqft homes a few months ago. Next week I’ve scheduled a million dollar home (5500 sqft) in Indian Hill. Indian Hill is the "high end" area here–and I do mean HIGH END!!
Average home here (Cincinnati) normally (before the foreclosure explosion) was about $250,000, so this is quite a bungalow.

House across the street from me was listed on for about 250K. The owner borrowed on it–walked away–and stuck the bank with it. It was listed for sale at 175K, and finally went for 133K. 6 br, 3 1/2 baths, and a crumbling foundation wall.

The buyers have 11 kids–yes, I said eleven–and it’s fine for them. The buyer is working on many repairs the structure needs–it sits on a hill and is sliding. There was no inspection and I didn’t get to see inside, but the outside tells me it wouldn’t be pretty. That’s the way this home selling business has been going lately.

Same exact thing here Jae, but it seems to be getting even busier, must be more folks are qualifying for loans or something, all I know is I’m always booked solid every week.

Every Thursday I raise my prices to about $559.00 for a 1000 sf Love Shack, I’m already booked for the following week so it doesn’t hurt to see if anyone bites----:stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t had much luck though—:twisted:–:smiley:

Well, the Sandman"s here…so off to OZ I go. Take care of yourself, Dale.

You too Jae…!!

Nice talking to you again…!

Got a text from BHO. He wants to vote “Present”.

TIME’S A-WASTIN’…the poll expires 8-31-09. We need your input, so put in your input…

We need a big weekend of voting on this because the poll will close next Monday…


I tried to vote again, but it wouldn’t let me.
(must not be a Chicago poll)

Damn thing’s rigged…

You need to put a “Present” choice there for the Obama worshipers.

Stay tuned…the anaysis of all this has been written…

It’ll be posted on Tuesday.

Keep votin’, folks…

YES!!! I think!:shock:

…therefore you are.:o

Ok Jae, I voted.

I based my vote on the relationship of the Poll items compared to life’s actual definition over a course of decades answering either or.

And for the life of me, one of those has all to often got me in trouble or cost me money.

So I voted for the one that has caused me less harm over the course of the Years. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:


I vote “No. 5”…

I sure hope it wins.

Well, that makes two of us Jae or should I say 9 of us now. ;):slight_smile: