I don't believe it !!!

Busshy…You charge 299.00 for **[size=5]ANY [/size]**size home…:shock: :shock: :shock:

My god, I was under the impression that I was committing a major home inspector crime for doing newer, 2,000’ homes for 275.00 and going up from there.:roll: :roll:
Whats happening, too many nickey certified inspectors to compete with in your neck of the woods:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Dannie let the man set his price

because, as he himself has said many times about others, I suspect he knows what he is worth. :wink:

It’s the ASHI guy with his $149 for any size home that has most of us pretty ticked off.

The ASHI/real estate salesman relationships in St. Louis require a $200-225 limit in fees in order to be referred. This price was set by the used house salesman.

I offered a reduction to $75 over their normal rate instead of the usual $150 over their normal rate…until the end of August. Then, I will go back up to the $350 minimum.

Thanks for your concern.

I’d bet that there are plenty of guys getting exactly what they think they are worth in the St. Louis area. (Low & High)

I raised my service level, I raised my prices and business went up!

That’s one way to do it. Another way is to simply offer more choices. That way, if they don’t like Peas, they can order Squash. Hey! I think I’m on to something. Instead of BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM, and TECH property assessments, I could give them vegetable names. BASIC could be a BEANS property assessment. STANDARD would be SQUASH. PREMIUM woud be CORN, and TECH would be PEAS in honor of The Power of P. Then, when I got sued, I could simply refer to my wise ol’ grandmother, who said, “Did you eat all your vegetables?” This could be fun. Ah, but I dream.

When I started offering choices in August 2005, my business increased dramatically since people looking for lower prices could get it here (BASIC), people looking for licensed individuals could get it here (TECH), people looking for the best general inspection could get it here (STANDARD), and people who needed some extra customer service could also get it here (PREMIUM). There was never a reason for anyone to call and then go somewhere else because I couldn’t meet their needs/wants.

Its not only what you charge, its what you give people for their money. There’s a broad range of pricing and a broad range the the quality of the product. Even then, a higher price doesnt mean higher quality.

If you do quality work then you should expect to be fairly compensated. If you do poor work, no matter what you charge, you should expect that you wont be in business very long.

I think its better to set your price higher and come down if you need to. People always scratch their head and ask questions when the prices go up.