Yes! The attic access needs insulation

2 pm yesterday and the sun was beating down on this side of the house…
The second image was a hour later after I pulled the batt over the access.
This was in the master bedroom walkin closet.



I can always tell when I am not the first inspector to open the attic hatch. That insulation is always thrown to the side.

See it almost everyday!



Thanks Brothers
But, The the sad part of this… it is my home…Don’t hammer me to hard on this …OK?
I go up there often to re-wire the cams.
It is fixed now…Yep!

Just cut a few boards of rigid foam insulation and glue it to the back of the hatch. Boom, no more having to replace fiberglass batts everytime.


Heres a little air leak I found around my trim a few weeks ago. I thought I had sealed everything up last year.


Yep! That is a loss.

Yep; a two inch thick slab styrofoam-type insulation, and Liquid-Nails takes care of that.

I also like to apply 3/4" foam weather stripping around the rim of the access upon which the access panel sits.

Sounds good.