Insulation Booboo

Dammit, it was a long day. Anyone read lips???:twisted:

28575 N 67 Dr 6-8-09 029.JPG

28575 N 67 Dr 6-8-09 029.JPG

28575 N 67 Dr 6-8-09 022.JPG

28575 N 67 Dr 6-8-09 030.JPG

28575 N 67 Dr 6-8-09 028.JPG

Now that I’ve cleaned my screen of Pepsi. Why was the access right above the shower? I would think that would pose a moisture issue in the attic.

Yes above the shower Bobby, that was my first concern as I ran the shower and did not want to set my ladder up in there. Then I wanted to be careful next to the glass door. AND THEN WHOOPMP, I was not a happy camper. I scooped most of it up then used my little vacuum until the battery died.

Nice spot for an access opening! I have seen that alot around here…


At least you did not put your foot in the toilet.

And they say being a home inspector is such a fun job.

So did you recommend relocating the attic access? :mrgreen:

Always with the silver linings, thanks John. :mrgreen:

Well that sux. Crazy location for an access.

Just curious…

Was the hatch painted shut (due to shower location), and if so, do you always break the paint seal? And if so, do you repaint to correct the broken/damaged paint? And if not, have you ever had a seller insist that you repaint/correct the damaged area? And if so, did you?

wow Jeffrey…sorry to see this happen Brian

This where Nicks handy new “CAUTION” sign comes into play while your cleaning up. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That’s a good one.:slight_smile:

Hehe. Brian you shouldn’t make such a mess while performing inspections!

Insulation Boob (oo)

Did you report the diminished R factor after you wasted all that insulation? Used to be R-30, now it’s R-12. . . :wink:

Had the same thing happen to me while inspecting an attic over a garage. Polystyrene bead foam insulation poured from the attic and then it began to stick to everything (static) including me, what a mess.

Now we will all use bed sheets under the ladder to protect the floor.

I’ve never had that much fall out.