Yesterday I took control of InterNACHI.

I am pleased to announce that a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) took place yesterday (Nov 11) at the offices of Cohen Horner, LLP, in Colorado.

Aimee Jalowsky, Robert Brown, Helen Jeffrey, being the directors were present in person or by phone and waived formal notice to the meeting. Aimee Jalowsky was also elected secretary of the meeting.

After discussion, the Board voted to change the bylaws so that InterNACHI will be governed by one director, rather than two. Accordingly, the Second Amended Bylaws were repealed, with the repeal to take effect at the conclusion of the meeting.

Aimee Jalowsky, Robert Brown, and Helen Jeffrey then annoucence that they were resigning their positions as members of the Board of Directors effective at the end of the meeting. They nominated Nick Gromicko to serve as the new sole director. The Board accepted the resignations of Aimee Jalowsky, Robert Brown, and Helen Jeffrey, and voted to approve Nick Gromicko as the new director.

The Board then voted to name Nick Gromicko as the President of InterNACHI. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

I would like to thank Aimee, Bob and Helen for the work they’ve done. Thank you so much.

Some of my priorities for InterNACHI:

  • Commission a new website for InterNACHI (I ordered this yesterday afternoon).
  • Restore free membership in InterNACHI for all members of NACHI.
  • Put together infrared camera course for
  • Re-adopt the original InterNACHI logo
  • Work with the Master Inspector Certification Board to develop some advanced Certified Master Inspector (CMI) courses.
  • Work with the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and PRO-LAB on an international SOP for mold testing and inspection.
  • Produce consumer interest and educational shows through NACHITV in Spanish.
  • Finish the construction of the InterNACHI-RELO network.
    *]Promote the interests of NACHI/InterNACHI members.


I especially like the fact that we will have our own SOP for for mold testing and inspections.

Finally, real SOP for Mold Assessment & Sample collection.



Labs do testing! We never test anything for mold!

Well said now if I can just remember it . Thanks . Roy

Roy, if anyone ever bothered to look at their certificate from the ProLab mold classes that certify them, it doesn’t certify them to do Mold Testing. It Certifies them in Mod Assessment through ProLab, not through anyone else.

Well said, and another thing: All homes have mold.

Exactly I would not expect it to say any thing else.

As NICK says all homes have mold except in CANADA, we have Mould.

Roy Cooke


I don’t mean to be bould, but as I tould you before, you and I are getting ould. Maybe we should put things on hould for the winter as it is getting awfully could. Anyway, I’m sould on mould.


You are incorrect,we don’t have “mould” or “Mold” in Canada. This is a condition exclusive to the U.S.A.:smiley:

So Mario, you made $1200 the other day on something that doesn’t exist?:slight_smile: I wish I could do that. :frowning:

So who is the current owner of InterNACHI? Not that it really matters. Just curious.

Yes, just as attorneys all over the country are sould on the idea that “lead is dead, and mould is gould!”

Originally Posted by gromicko

I don’t mean to be bould, but as I tould you before, you and I are getting ould. Maybe we should put things on hould for the winter as it is getting awfully could. Anyway, I’m sould on mould.*

Wow ! you guys are the best . Love it . Roy

Now that NACHI is once again International, maybe its time to pick Esperanto as its official language, its easy for us to blame Canada, but can’t we all learn to just get a longneck?

This was a wise business decision. Congrats and thanks to Helen, Robert, and Aimee for their services.

I was also impressed when reading at the decision to incorporate a SOP for Mold Assessment.

Oh, and thank you for reinstating the free membership in InterNachi for all Nachi members as we originally were expecting. It is much appreciated to see NACHI stand by it’s word.

I like the idea of an SOP for mould testing but we do not have a prolab in this area so if the SOP is geared to PROLAB then it will not suit our needs. It has to generic and the procedure has to be adaptable to use with other testing labs.

The items in red are worth repeating and emphasizing!!

Paul H:

Non-profit organizations like InterNACHI and NACHI aren’t owned. They can’t be. Non-profits can’t issue stock.

Vern & Jason:

As far as I know PRO-LAB operates in all 50 states as does FedEx.