Message to all home inspectors from Century 21 real estate agent.

Keeley Ward, CENTURY 21 Infinity <>
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Hello InterNACHI, I have forwarded you an email containing a summary home inspection report from a company called XXXXX Home Inspections. This inspector claimed that XXXX…


So I hired my own home inspector who is a Certified Master Inspector and a member of InterNACHI and he was able to determine that XXXX… and showed us why the first inspector was confused.

I wrote to the first home inspector and asked him what his credentials were as a home inspector. He replied to me that he is registered with XXXX.

I try to protect my clients, but so called inspectors like this are a disgrace. I only use InterNACHI inspectors and have never had a disappointed client so thank you for ensuring that your inspectors are knowledgeable and professional.

Keeley Ward, Salesperson
Century 21 Infinity Realty Inc., Brokerage
Cell: 905-449-0784
Office: 905-579-7339

Posted with her permission BTW.

Like to hear that!!!

Nice, I just had a REA tell me basically the same thing in so many words last night

Does this agent realize a Certified Master Inspector does NOT have to be a member of InterNACHI?

Who is XXXX? Never heard of them.

I don’t know, but 97% of all CMIs are members of InterNACHI anyway. There really aren’t too many inspectors who ever give up their InterNACHI memberships.

You should have posted this in the Canadian section as she is a Canadian Realtor.

Just had a realtor book me for an inspection on the home she is buying…at least I know she trusts me!

awesome to hear how they feel about us, unfortunate the other inspector allegedly did an inferior job for the client.

Non-members shouldn’t be offering inspection services to the unsuspecting public.

I wonder if the CMI was KW?

That’s about 400 miles from him so I doubt it!

Whew. I didn’t click the link, just curious.

The area is in the Toronto Ontario - Niagara - Kitchener region. So you can guess at 1 of about 7 associations.

CMI is becoming an industry standard.

Awesome! The world of Realtors will soon become aware that only the BEST lead the rest. A Certified Professional Inspector, certified through InterNACHI and the Certified Master Inspector designation is the only way to go! It’s my job to get that message out there to EACH and EVERY Realtor across North America.

You can start in Missouri! I bet you will get a lot of help from the Missouri NACHI members.

I’m glad to see NACHI finally changing it’s strategy to “brand itself” to the RE world rather than, as Nick has stated previously, rely on the inspectors to do it. :smiley:

Now, if I can only get Nick to get on board to require proctored exams as a pre-requisite to becoming a NACHI CPI. :smiley:

They are required to pass a proctored exam(s) in states/provinces that require proctored exams. InterNACHI’s requirements are on top of and in addition to whatever your state requires. Proctored exams for continuing education purposes harm consumers, so we don’t require them unless your state/province does.