Yo Gary

Come play Tennis on this roof with me. Ya don’t find this from on the ground or standing on a ladder. Ya have to get your KC Bottom on the roof. Today was like a walk in the Park:p:D

Hey Jeff Moore I found one today with a cricket almost forgot what they looked like;-)

Good job Charley, go get 'em.

Charley, why so much damage to the ridge caps in comparison to the field of the roof covering?

What damaged it?:slight_smile:

Heat and cold with the bend of the ridge cap and its starts minor cracking where it bends then here comes those dam black birds with the long tails and they sit up there and peck at the gravel just for fun and what you see is the results I see this a lot

This type of Bird?

Never seen that up here. :slight_smile:


Glad you got a refresher on what a cricket looks like.

Yipper you got it worst bird in the world

I see it alot, too; all from the ground. Not uncommon. Charlie, did you write up those drainage valleys?

Oh Hi Gary I see ya finally woke up not even in your dreams would you have seen that damage from the ground;-):smiley:

Next time you come up to KC I will show you how it is done.

Merry Christmas.

What drainage valleys should have been written up?

That sounds like a invite

Merry Christmas to you and yours


Is that your truck in the driveway with what looks like a bail hauler on it??


That would be correct I live in the country and raise horses which are my first passion.

When I drive up to a nice home the owner usually looks at me like Oh no some dumb A** farmer for a inspector. I soon set that straight;-)

Lol I’d like to hear to Gary’s answer. I am curious now.

Ya will have to wake him up he is sleeping again:shock:

Gary, just what are you talking about?

Pls expound and educate us…

Just guessing but think he is prolly talking about the valley cut as to which side of the field is suppoe to be on the high side

Here in KC, with 10 below winters and 105 degree summers, comp valleys hold up only about 10 years here, a third of the life of the rest of the roof. I always note them on reports when seen, and suggest annual monitoring/repairs if needed. Metal valleys here are best due to adverse weather. Your area may vary.