Pucker factor was high

On this roof inspection even for me. Had to get some of it from the ground darn it Gary where are you when I need you:D:D

You can’t see that place in #3 from the ground. Good pic

Did you use your golf spikes to climb on that roof…

Well of course but sometimes I use wings:p

Cougar Paws work great for steep roofs.

I would love to see a video of how you do this?

I will even pay to see this.

Did someone mention PAY I am all ears:D

Sure, why not?

It has to be a reasonable amount and I will define ‘reasonable’? :slight_smile:

I was joking I charge no one for any thing that I can pass on;-)

Some don’t seem to understand hail belt I live right in the middle of it. I have personally seen baseball size hail and what It can do. My biggest concern when inspecting roofs is hail damage and most of the time U can not see it from the ground. I always try to get excess to the west and or SW slope of a roof that is the direction we receive hail from. I go with my gut If I feel its not safe I don’t climb it the roof that is. Not many I don’t climb. The one in the pic above was a peice of cake even though it was up in the clouds. I had to extend my ladder to its fullest extend which only allowed about 2 feet above the drip line I prefer 3 feet. I chose a spot to excess the roof as I was touring the exterior of the home that had a Sat dish mounted at the drip line the dish was my safe hand hold from the ladder to the roof and from there the sky was my play ground. The most dangerous part of inspecting roofs is the off and back onto the ladder.

No other way to say it If one is overweight/clumsey stay the hell off roofs:shock:

Thanks Charley for this sharing this.

Just like Charlie said, the lift truck guy I use to get me up eyeball to eyeball on roofs like this always like to raise the bucket about 3’ over roof line so I can get a good look down at it. AND like Charlie said getting in and out of the bucket before it goes up AND when it comes back down is the hard part. Last week getting out of the bucket on a commercial building when he sit me down in the drive, I tripped and tore the knee out of a brand new pair of dress slacks.

Learned my lesson though … Next time I won’t wear my penny loafers.

Did ya say lift truck or Crane what is your weight any way:p

I’m glad I’m not you! :wink:

C-Bot, that looks like a pretty new house and/or roof covering.

I can’t imagine skimping on $ on a big lux house like that by using asphalt shingles in hail belt when metal is about the same price and will just get dented but still stay serviceable.


More asphalt here than anything metal really has not caught on to big and one has to pay for insurance not many reach end of life here before the insurance pays to replace. Insurance co don’t much care for this State.

I always estimate life expectancy (Until the next hail storm):smiley:

I bought a pair last year, best investment I’ve made in years Linas!

I’ll do roofs like that if I can mount and climb a valley, but I stick to the valleys and ridges although sometimes I’ll climb up of down common slopes using skylights and vents.
I used to climb the rakes (at gabled ends) holding on to the fascia, but that’s starting to get a little scary now that I’m past 60.

Same as me I am very picky how I climb as I am approaching 70;-)