Yo Nick....

Nick, today alone I received 4 calls from people on inspectors needing help while on the job. I could answer 3 but the fourth was out of my league. I don’t have furnaces, gas appliances, or basements and no snow neither.

Could you make a header on the left side of the page for those in immediate need? It would be nice if they had a question and could get an answer almost ASAP. Good for the new guys and the older ones to help.

Something like a IMMEDIATE HELP, tab?

Just an idea that i think a lot of newbies would use…but who knows.

Can It be private so the public cannot see and for the use of members only?

Thanks for your consideration…

great idea, especially now that there’s a phone ap.

it is a great idea.

I saw what i think is the app last night while looking into ways to make money while I am all busted up.

I was researching apps trying to learn how to build something people need.

Referring I.T. Department to this thread.

Does not work on Android last I checked.

Also what stops them from adding “help immediately please” to a title.
I have asked for help and waited over 24 hours myself .

Ty sir…

Great idea Russel. :slight_smile:

I am willing to help when possible.

Nick… is Bruce Kirby still in the picture?

Why not go one step further and make it an app? I think a lot of people could benefit from this. Brothers helping brothers. You’ve got my vote!

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Russell tell them to download the COA Support App on Android or iPhone/iPad and then go sign up for the free plan on COASupport.com. They’ll have an inspection export answer their question asap.

Myself, and Kevin and Mike from COA created this new company (I created the App and website) and the base plan is free to all inspectors (along with the Home Owners Network which is being launched shortly) and the advanced plan is free to RecallChek users.

What is coa?

Won’t joe Farsetta go nuts if you take people from the website and lead them to another source?

**Was **FREE to Nachi members… wondering if still available???..

Anyone in Florida can call me anytime and i’ll help if I can"after 9:30 am" I have helped a ton of members and will continue to do so. For the unbelievable price of free.

I am even dumb enough I help my direct competition whenever asked.

Haha. I get plenty of calls without a link :D. Let’s make it a “976” number :wink: Just kidding of course.

Personally, I feel that it’s almost a professional duty for experienced inspectors to assist those who are up and coming. What better way is there for us to elevate our own profession?

This is a great idea, but I do have to ask, why make something different, especially now that there is the inachi app (at least for iphone for now) and we can easily ask a question?
I have been onsite before, wrote up a question using the phone web browser and within minutes received an answer from 3 members with references and all. Two of them were seasoned inspectors being Jeff P. and Mike L.

Russell’s idea is a good one, and I thank Nick for getting IT involved. This will be a great benefit to members.

What has gotten me confused, there is not other NACHI members from their own state to help out other inspectors. Here in Missouri and the surrounding states, we seem to help each other out. It is difficult sometimes for me to answer members questions when they are in a totally different area. Maybe NACHI should do something to encourage local mentoring. I even have helped some local A$HI members out.

I will take you up to a small real estate office that the Realtors seem nice and I get along with. But there is one Realtor there that after Steve inspected one of her houses with me, I had to promise Steve I would never make him deal with her again. Steve has never made me promise him that in all the years I have know him. The last I heard, this office is using all uncertified inspectors. If you can get that office back, you are the man!

This is a great Idea. I have posted many questions and always get help as well I have received private emails and phone calls from others in need of help. Having a section dedicated for this would be great.


Hi -

This is a great idea! We’ve actually been cooking up something like this, to use as an iPhone app. It may involve financial incentives for veteran inspectors who are willing to answer questions… We’ll keep you updated as we work on the concept!