York AC age

New construction…

According to the key that I have (I thinkposted by Jae) this York AC unit (Serial # WOK6914509) was manufactured in 2001…

I have to think that is wrong (this is a VERY upscale community) or at least I kind of hope that is wrong…

Am I reading the info correctly? CAn anyone point me in a different direction? Here is the photo of the data plate:

small AC.JPG

small AC.JPG

2001 by my cheat sheet Joe.

I get 2001 also. Maybe the builder had it warehoused and finally found a place to use it.

My cheat sheet also showed 2001. I called the number in and got a manufacture date of 9/15/2006.

Beware reliance on the cheat sheets!!! They have served me well until now. Perhaps the purchase of York by Johnson has something to do with it.

I bet that was it, with all this musical HVAC companies it is hard to keep up.

I think I will also put this in the Members Mostly section…

I believe your first letter “O” should be the number “0”.

Second, I think that looks like a Johnson plate. Note the bar code model number and serial number. I think Johnson uses all the digits, but York seems to drop the first digits. I believe the K indicates October and the “6” immediately following is 2006, so I would have guessed October 2006.

However, older cheat sheets do indicate 2001. I would probably make a call to the manufacturer to verify, but if it were new construction, I would put October 2006 in my report. Actually I wouldn’t because I don’t use months in my report, preferring year numbers only.

Sorry I missed this thread yesterday.

And I just put two and two together, so ignore my post in the Members Only thread. Darn margaritas. :margarit: