You can now download unlimted number of free CMI certs for marketing purposes.

Just find yourself on the CMI site: and click on your corresponding “View Certificate” link.

Nick why are the dates on our certifications wrong? Can make the marketing we do look like we are lying. I tell people I have been a Certified Master Inspector for a while…looks like its been since 7/20/2013 on the certificate, which is the wrong date

I say get rid of the date period :slight_smile: on all certs. It surely does not help us.

I agree with Russell.

I use the original too but for the sake of ease and SEO. It does not hurt to have this also on the site.
Maybe a good Idea to insert the original some how.

It doesn’t matter who has it, we are all good inspectors at least most of us. CMI, works for me and has been working for me since 2006. No matter what, CMI is VERY POWERFUL! It says hire my company. I do not look at this as a bragging tool but I personally worked for this title for 45 hard years. I wish all Happy Holidays and much success!

Hi Russell (and others) - I just talked to the MICB and we decided to remove the date from the certificate. If anyone needs a dated certificate in the future, just send me an email.

Since we only recently started storing the CMI members in a database, the date reflects the date they were added to the system - that’s why it’s off for older CMIs.

Let me know if you need anything else!