You don't find this in an electrical panel very often :-)

Just wanted to share this with everyone. Yesterday I was inspecting an electrical panel and…let’s just say that this brings the term “rat’s nest” to a whole new level!

It is what you don’t see in the wall that is the problem, Chewed wires. :rat: :rat:

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What happened here?

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There is a dead mouse at the bottom of the panel. It also built its own nest out of insulation material.

Very true!

I believe Brian was pointing to the sheet of plastic/visqueen (or vapor barrier) inside the panel…

I found rodents many times, over the years, in electric cabinets. :flushed:

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I thought it was bent metal! :smile:

Or this…


Bees, wasps and mice dead or alive. I always peek behind the panel before I pull it off. Wasps taught me a lesson a long time ago I haven’t forgot.


Thank you. Good to know that I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

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yikes! Ok, you have me beat :slight_smile:

Oh, I was so focused on the mouse and his nest, I didn’t even notice the plastic or bent metal!

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One of them, high bred service equipment panels. Been some time… Part service equipment, part honey manufacturing device. You must remove a left or right bottom knockout, and slightly tilt the panel in the direction of the open knockout manufacturing honey and clean the cabinet seasonally so says the manufacture’s instructions.