You know you are a home inspector when...

You give your son your outlet tester as a night light.

I needed an excuse to go to lowes anyway :slight_smile:

very nice

You know your a home inspector -
“When your wife is giving you defects of the houses we drive by”

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You go to a relatives house and can’t help but notice stuff wrong with it. You spend the whole time fighting off the urge to bring it up.

That would be a different disorder…:stuck_out_tongue:

When you clean aerators at restaurant bathroom faucets to restore the flow.

When your wife’s birthday card reads: You’re beyond your expected life but you still appear serviceable!

Cameron, i almost spit my drink onto my keyboard reading that! LOL.

Cameron, I wish we had a “like” button on here. lolol

We used to have that and many miss it but a few complained.

…when you go out to eat and your wife keeps telling you to quit looking at the ceiling.


Damn Cameron I did spit my coffee out :stuck_out_tongue:

When the color of a home is now the last thing you notice.

As I drive through town I now find myself looking at the electric service on all the houses.

I can not even go to the bathroom in someone elses home without placing the commode between my knees and shaking it. Notice I did say commode:D

Bingo I do it too… Thanks all for the chuckles

We went to a friends house last night and I was almost mad when they shut the door and I missed seeing the seals. My wife got upset at me because I was “checking it out”. We just can’t help ourselves!!

Your wife makes the comment! “Next time we go see family don’t look at anything and keep your eyes focused on the food this time.”:sad:

My wife asks what type roof is that and that one

since when does complaining about anything work around here.

That must have been before my time but I sure “like” the idea.

Juan, great thread.

Cameron, That one was great.