You never know until you get there

One of the things I like about home inspections is that feeling you get when you first arrive at a location in the middle of nowhere and see vegetation to the roof and dead animals lying around. You know you’re going to be here for a while.:woozy_face:IMG_4427|640x480 IMG_4455IMG_4427


Yup, and then eagerly anticipating that 4+ hour report :grimacing:

You’re getting some high-end homes to inspect, eh, Randy? :lying_face: :roll_eyes:

I saw a sign in an old photo from 1930s during the depression when Bagnell Dam was being built outside the hiring shack that said: “If you don’t work on the bad days you can’t work on the good days”
So home inspectors have to inspect their share of the bad ones to get access to the good ones.

Yeah, I’ve done my share of dumps. :grinning:

I have looked over a few homes for friends that in my personal opinion should have just been tore down. So I think to myself what my report would be like if I was inspecting these homes. If I was to call out every single defect it would be a list of a thousand things, is there a place to draw the line? Could a inspector do something like a reverse report and just mention the good points of the house?

Greg, “One or more” is a good phrase to use with dumps. :grin:

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Sorry Larry, not sure what you mean by “one or more”. I did an inspection before where the electrical report was never ending, I couldn’t imagine reporting on a whole house that is poor throughout

“One or more electrical receptacles were not functional”…for example, Greg.

Ok got it, makes sense about the “one or more” phrase. I remember one of the first of my roughly 50 inspections I have completed I had to rip apart an electrical panel in my report, I was calling out undersized wires, double tapped breakers that were meant for a single wire, missing bonding screw, all sorts of defects, everything seemed to be wrong, maybe I was wrong in doing this but there was so many issues I finally scratched all of my panel defects and just mentioned the Electrical panel is poorly installed and needs to be corrected by a licensed electrician. I feel that is what a dump house as a whole would pretty much boil down to is a short simple report as saying “All needs corrected”


Seems like every time I get a beauty, the next one is a mold slum!

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Just take a picture of all the exterior walls and simply say;

NEEDS WORK. have a qualified building contractor evaluate conditions and make repairs as needed.


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I can’t for the life of me understand why people volunteer to buy some of these nightmares.