You were warned. Dominos falling? Lawsuits Filed? ISG vs. HON.

Well these are interesting times indeed. And they are going to get more interesting in the near future.

It seems Inspector Services Group (ISG), owned by a previous prolific NACHI message board poster who has been banned, has filed lawsuits against numerous home inspectors, Kevin O’Malley, HON, top “Mike Crow” inspectors and others.

The basis? Remember that little “2 year, can’t use another like product, non-compete” clause buried in the ISG contract? The one that nobody would ever get sued over?

Seems the Recall and “home warranty” business is cutthroat after all.

This should get very interesting. You reap what you sow… :roll:

This is my shocked face.

Bummer, hardly anyone ever sues me. I never have any fun. :frowning:

That’s interesting. Sales must be down.

No surprise here. The writing was on the wall.

Yea, but not all could read and understand it.

That should send a message to others who would consider wallowing with a pig. If you play with a pig in shiit, some of the shiit will stick to you.

Luv it!
No sympathy for any of them.

Kevin O’Malley is about the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet too. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone suing him.

So, another disturbance in the gimmick force is on the horizon.

Please keep us informed with any details. :smiley:

I think I’ll write a movie script. “Gimmicks - The not so good, the bad & the ugly”.

I attended Kevin O’Malley’s commercial inspection course a few years ago and found him to be a professional and great guy.
It’s too bad scumbag Dingleberry resorts to this.
Not surprised though since he ****ked ProLab the way he did.

Not only on the wall, but actually was as clear as could be. Now it’s really pretty funny in an ironic sort of way.



Do you have a link to this? It would certainly be an interesting read!

In NT’s defense, I haven’t been able to find anything to back this up. Anybody have anything concrete?

And there you go.

Thou shalt not use another service for 2 years after leaving me or I will sue you and your company…

Nah, that would never happen. :roll:

Don’t pay any attention to that, it’s just boiler-plate required by the attorneys. Yeah, that’s it. :slight_smile:

That’s definitely Nathan.

I am not a member of the other message board but I do look over there from time to time and Mr. Thornberries said in a post today that he is not suing any inspectors. I think it is kinda weird because the first defendant on the lawsuit is definitely a home inspection firm.