Nick.. You sneeky devil :)

You are offering this Free report upload system for NACHI members under the guise of inspectors that use this will get hundreds of thousands of foreclosure inspections, sure looking like your gonna make sure it’s harder for members to leave nachi for ashi after they get their 250 inspections…:shock: :shock:

Isn’t that what HI reporting companys do to keep their customers locked in with their program?:roll: :roll:
And their falling for it, hook line and sinker …:shock: :shock:

Gee poor Dan is so jealious of every thing NACHI does and is so satisfied with every thing ASHI does not do .
Got to admit he must be very infatuated with NACHI and its members .
I have only seen this much LOVE from my Dog .
Sorry Dan my lap is taken ,would you like me to scratch your ears and rub your belly too.

NACHI isn’t a hook, line, or sinker… it’s a big beautiful buffet we’ve prepared for members and they can choose what they like.

All you can eat.

Jealous of nachi :roll: :roll: :roll:
Heck I am just looking to get the most bang for my $… I currently spend 12,000 plus on marketing every year… If I could see how I could cut that to 289.00 I would join in a heart beat.
Just haven’t seen anything close to anything that would help me do that.

A couple years a go nick announced that he was locking up a deal with a major RE company and ALL non nachi members would be SOL.
Few months latter he stated that there was no way he could do that:roll: :roll:
Good I didn’t join then for that benefit.:roll: :roll:

Recently he announced he and his buddy from Fla spent 100s of thousands of $ on boxes to put out in front of all realtors offices across the country.
Good I didn’t join then for that benefit.:roll: :roll:

About the same time he announced that the cmi was being taken over by his Fla buddy and requirements were going to be harder,
FREA was going to waive ins deductables for all cmi’s.
Now it looks like that has never changed, from what I read, all anyone still has to do is send nick 350.00 for this non verified marketing title.
Good I didn’t join then for that benefit.:roll: :roll:

Last Dec he announced that he landed 100s of thousands of foreclosure inspections for nachi members… now inspectors have to sign up for some free thing that drives the public to the nachi site instead of the inspectors site.
Good I didn’t join then for that benefit:roll: :roll:

Years ago he announced that he bought a printing press and nachi members would get free printing services.
Good thing I got banned before sending another 289.00:twisted:

The nachi race car… I’ll give him a pass on that one:twisted:

Give me evidence of something offered by nachi that I need to help me be successful, and cannot get anywhere else than nachi, to save 12,000 annunaly in marketing and still do 45-50 insp monthly… I send my $s in tormorrow



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If this is not enough BENEFITS for you than…

I am still waiting for Dan to answer my oft repeated questions about his theories that everything Nachi offers is bogus.

He hasn’t been able to answer intelligently those questions. Why is that Dan?

You talk a lot but don’t offer any substance to your musings? Why is that Dan?

Why is it that you spend so much time here Dan postulating your theories?

Okay… the fact that for no fee you can come here and prove what an idiotic moron you are to everyone in Nachi, thats got to be worth the price of admission!

Now Raymond don’t pick on Dan. His observations are what keep the rest of us on our toes.

Everyone needs some some constructive criticism now and then and Dan help us with his

Thank you Dan



Dan seems to overlook the fact repeatedly that thousand of members in Nachi contracdict what Dan pontificates. That is that thousands of members actually do benefit from Nachi or they would not be members.

Dan what do you offer as a retort?

and only a few hundred use the NACHI Message Board out of a possible 9,000 members (I know Nick is saying a little under 10K in members), I wonder where those other members are? …

Come on Dan even you have to admit, no other org. even comes close to providing the benefits that Nachi does! Many of these benefits are worth $289 on their own. Where else can you discuss something on a BB, and before the thread is over a new course pertaining to the subject has been added! Answer, no where but Nachi!

Raymond, Dan is no idiotic moron as you say, he is just angry at nachi for some reason.

You guys are foolish to try to argue logic with dan.

He is one of those guys who is grateful that he did not win the Powerball simply because he would have had to pay all those taxes out of his winnings.

After being thrown out of NACHI, he has remained with his face pressed up against the outside of the window…shouting back as to how glad he is not to be a member. Do you really need a degree in psychology to identify that kind of behavior?

Nothing you can say to dan will be acceptable…nothing that he hears will comfort him. Compare his posts (in volume) to this message board compared to the number of posts on his beloved ASHI message board and you will see where he spends his time.

He will never agree with anything good you have to say about the association because, in doing so, he will be forced to see himself as we see him.


I’ll repeat…

Dan is idiotic moron. He does not add anything nor does he help anyone.
He only says he is as good as he says. He can’t dispute his postings which are hot air.

Well said thanks I agree completly.

I assume Dan is not a NACHI member, but a member of the “other organization”. I am not a member of NACHI, or any other organization, but I can tell you I don’t think I would ever be a member of an organization that comes to the opposition’s website and starts bashing. Did NACHI refuse to allow Dan to become a member so he went out and joined the second best?

Dan,…go do an inspection, or work on grammar and spelling, hopefully you don’t write your reports as bad as you write your bashing posts on this website.


What do you wanna do when you GROW UP?

If you look close enough…you will find Nick Gromicko’s footprint on dan’s a$$. It speaks for itself.:wink:

Dang, you guys are brutal:p :stuck_out_tongue:

A long time ago I learned to take heed to a bumper sticker that read.
I Think;-) Ole Nickey read that same bumper sticker a long time ago, and decided to capitialize on that.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

If NICK did get to read it then I guess he was following you .
Don’t you think it is time to take the Bumper sticker off and grow up just a little