You wont believe this,

We may see these on the American market in a year or 2. They make WAY more sense than wind or solar energy. They produce more than enough energy to power a home, and are estimated cost about 6 thousand and requires NO FUEL WHATSOEVER. Imagine no electricity costs, no heat/cooling costs, eliminating (possibly) transportation fuel costs with an electric car, and having virtually no environmental damage. (and doing it for about 6 grand)

Let me know when your ready to sell me one…

With this and the Air QERV, I’ll get rich selling power back to my utility company.:roll:
Product release date postponed indefinitely due to possible Transfer of Technology negotiations**

Michael, Im with you.

Correction, the Video states estimated FIVE thousand dollars. Wind generators around here are selling for 6-11 grand and NONE of them will power a house the way most of them sit. At best they handle 1-3 circuits perpetually, depending on wind and other variables.

See my post above your’s Mike.

Basically, We really don’t like America down here…

What do they think is going to happen, that someone else wont figure it out?? When someone else does, they get ZILCH.

$6,000 would pay my current electric bill for 7 years.

You have a cheap electric bill. If you had (relatively) free electricity, would you buy any natural gas or propane? In my case, I would shut my propane furnace off and use electric heat, replace my propane water heater with electric, add Electric stove and this would pay for itself in about 2 years + or -.

My guess is they’ll get a patent, sell the patent to a major electricity producer (for millions) who will sit on it and it’ll never become a common item.

My .02

How about 600 hamsters and a giant wheel. :shock::wink:


So you think my premise is wrong? I hope so.

Or perhaps you think the device simply doesn’t do what they say it does?

Tough to tell from the lack of words. :roll:

Interesting verbiage “Transfer of Technology Negotiations”.

To me that says they’re in negotioations to transfer (sell) the technology. I’m sure ComED would prefer if this were not available.

Can you imagine if they could put that in a car.

Yep, when one has to defy the laws of physics I get reeeeaaal suspicious.:shock:

Are they claiming to defy the laws or implement them in a way that we haven’t done yet? Don’t be so certain that we’ve got physics all figured out Michael.

Violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the “perpetual Motion Machine” rule.

TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Easy to test. Just hire a couple of independent Physicists and make sure that the machine is producing more power that it takes in.

Many have tried, but no one (over 300 years) has done it.

E=MC2 Maybe it is “cold fusion” or some such, but give it an independent test.

And, for all you conspirancy theorists out there, the world just does not work that way.

Hope this helps;

You Sir, are correct.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but if that was referencing my earlier post about someone buying it and sitting on it, sometimes the world works exactly that way. I’ve seen it.


File it under fantasy along with the Air QERV

And why does it sound like an internal combustion engine is running when they start the thing up (I love the Crescent wrench starter by the way - nothing says advanced technology like a manual crank start)? Not the sound I would expect from a generator that was self-powering.

And if it worked on a small scale, don’t you think it would be all that much more efficient on a large scale? I mean all of those power generation companies could stop having to buy all of that nasty fossil fuel, dam up those rivers, mess with all of the issues of nuclear fuel/waste, etc.?

Hey with cap and trade, power generation companies could make as much money selling carbon credits as they do electricity. Wonder why they’re not all over this?

BTW: I didn’t notice any leads that looked capable of carrying 100 or more amps, unless they’re running awfully high voltage out of that thing.

Chuck. No offense intended.

I have an M.S. in Physics and have, all my life, been hoping for a breakthough as regards to energy.

I am not saying that this does not work, only that it has to be verified by trained guys.

If a law (2nd Thermodynamics, Einstein, Hawkings) has not een show to to have failed, the burden of proof is on those who have (I HOPE) discovered a breakthough.

Let it play out and have the experts examine it and yeah or nay it.

But, till then, you can’t get more out of a system than goes in.

Just my 2 1/2 cents.