You wont believe this,

None taken, but this ain’t Jobs and Wozniak we’re looking at here either.

Jobs and Wozniak were not physicists. Just computer guys (and great at what they did).

Fundimental principles are at stake here. Overtruning some 300 years of learned science is not to be taken lightly.

Total hogwash. It must be a scam. Impossible.

A poser for all of you…

Explain and define the properties of MAGNETISM.

The investment would be a life insurance policy on him, that’s where I would put my money.

Magnetism is one of the two effects of the physical force of electromagnetism (the other forces being gravity, strong and weak nuclear force). Magnetism propogates following the 1/R2 rule and at a right angle to the flow of electrical current.


Not in California!!! My electric and gas bill is $600 a month. Nor in Washington state, my electric bill there is $300 a month! AND, these are houses I do not live in year around!!!

The more I conserve, the higher the cost per KW hour becomes!! go figure!
We conserve (only to get our total power bill down) they rise the cost per KW or gas to compensate for the “loss of revenue” It’s a no win for the consumer.

If I could find an alternative, that has a cost benefit TO ME, I would jump on it, but I don’t see the power companies paying me a fair price for any excess power I would provide.

I am always reminded of our bumper stickers in San Diego, Ca. in the 80’s when I lived there. “San Diego, owned and operated by SDGE” (San Diego gas and Electric)

Some things never change!!

I HOPE this actually works. Taking it at face value, and believing that it works, *WHY wouldn’t you want EVERYONE to buy it? *
Hiding it does no one any good.
I’m not into Physics, but I can see where they are going with this.

Except for the fact that gravity doesn’t actually exist.

Does anything really exist?

Kev, I’ve been wondering if you were real for some time now.:wink:

Jokes on you. I am a computer.

Except the people currently selling you electricity. :wink: