Your competitors get the same 24 hours/day that you get.

What did you do today to grow your inspection business?

I went to a surprise birthday party my client put on for his wife. The surprise gift…? Her $300k dream house. Met a lot of great lenders, insurance agents, brokers and many potential clients.

A little P.R. can go a looong way.

I started taking the log home inspection course

**I answered my business phone when it rang at 8:00 AM. I always make it a point to answer my phone from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM–everyday. The caller this morning said he intended to leave a message but was impressed that I was “on duty” (his words) on a Sunday morning. He booked a full home inspection and wind mit late this coming week. Having been the President of the Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association I called every home inspector in the Panhandle every month to invite them to attend our meetings. I was always amazed the number of home inspectors that never answer their phone. **

I went to the pool at the 24 hour fitness club and gave out my card to all single and divorced women between 25 and 45.

Went to the local dump today and handed out my card to each person bring a load because you know that the only time most people clean out their basements and garages is when they are putting their houses up for sale…

Last week I started offering $199 home inspections that do not include any appliances or appliance connections, only one outlet, one switch, one window per room; does not include any storm windows or doors, and I will only report if the item/area was “inspected”. Reports will not include any age of any system, condition, or repairs needed. All under the Kansas standard of practice. No pictures, and reports will be only 3 to 6 pages.

No calls so far.

Thanks Nick.
You inspired me to buy just now.

We can sit and complain (moan/groan) when things are slow or we can do something to improve everyday.

I prefer the latter.

How could such a good URL have still been available? :slight_smile:
Must be the same reason I would go through discarded lottery tickets and found winners.
We all see what we expect and I expect to win.

Gary -

If you’re gonna do these QUIT being so negative and telling people they ONLY get 1 p/room, etc. Just do it AND if somebody asks next MONTH tell them why then … BECAUSE thats the KANSAS SoP

I was trained early in life to do the best job possible. Now I guess I do not need to do the best job possible. All I have to do is the minimum. It is against my nature.


Im going to email this thread to myself and use the ideas that fellow Home Inspectors
have posted…Great tips.

Let me know how it goes hanging out at the dump, if you get a date at the 24 hour fitness center, and how much you take home doing the $199.00 3 page report inspections.:margarit:

I am with you Bob, I just picked up a few new domains myself. Just need to find te time to get them built, but the more the merrier.


I am going to start a poll for renaming Gary to “Sad Sack”.:frowning:

Gary ,just move unless you think S.C is the center of the universe.
Yes they made a great TV show for years but Aunt Bee is no longer with us and it is OK to leave now.:slight_smile:

Gary may want to stay, Aunt Bee was from Mt Pilot, which is in Mt Airy, NC, not SC

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