your not gonna answer that are you?

Do you answer your phone during an inspection? Do clients care? How long are you on the phone? Agents hate it but who cares right!

I tell my clients at the beginning of an inspection that they can call me anytime, I also tell them that I say that to each and every one of my clients. Then I tell them… Sometimes a client calls during an inspection and I answer the call just as I would if you had called during an inspection.

Take if from someone who has actually been a full-time home inspector for years… Just be upfront with your clients and you should have no problems running your business.

It is situational. If it is family or a call I am expecting for something quick, I do. Typically, I leave the phone in the van during an inspection and check it as I go out for things or in my pouch for texting which again, is only situational and typically not in front of customers if I can help it. I am a purest about cell phones. I don’t talk on them loudly in stores or in public, specially when I am out to eat and I am private near my customers about things in that manner. I don’t mean for this to sound bad, but I do conduct my business how I wish and need to, when I need to. In doing so, I am respectful of those around me and expect the same in return. Keep it simple.

I answer if my wife calls, otherwise I call back immediately at the end of the inspection. If the client isn’t there I go ahead and answer even if the Realtor is there. The inspection already has enough interruptions and I have been turning down inspections for a few years due to a full schedule so I’m not worried about losing business.

I’m disappointed Cameron…grow a pair! Seriously-you answer when your wife calls??? My wife doesn’t dare call me while I’m on an inspection…but she may text if she needs me to pick up something on the way back.

I kind of treat if like Joe Burkeson…I tell my clients they can call me anytime, even months after their inspection, and I will help them when I can. I relay that info to my clients on site. If my phone rings, and it’s not an 800 or 866 number, I will usually apologize, and tell them I need to take this call.

People don’t generally leave a message if they want an inspection-they move on. There are exceptions, I have received messages and got inspections by promptly returning the call…

:slight_smile: That made me smile.

My “pair” is the reason I answer. I got five kids(two under two) and I never know if one of them is going to the hospital. After they learn to crawl it’s just suicide watch for the next 5-10 years. :slight_smile:

I do the same, but I also tell my clients that while on an inspection I will not carry on long conversations, I tell them I will answer and let the caller know I am on an inspection and will call them back asap when done. I think it is better than not answering at all or having someone from a call center talk on my behalf. Tried that and didn’t work to well for us. If I know I will be unavailable for any length of time, I also have a secretary that can handle most anything that pops up.


I am the same way. And to the “grow a pair” comment from someone else, if my wife calls, it is important. She knows my schedule and when not to call.
When not to call:
When I am golfing.
When I am fishing
When I am running
When I am working.

Note the order of the above…:mrgreen:

I will always try to answer the phone. I do ask my client (if at the inspection ) to excuse me while I answer the phone or email. The majority of my clients contact me through my website and use the 15 minute response guaranty so they are well aware as to why I answer phones and email.

I have a secretary full time and one part time and then even have an answering service.

I feel that a live person answering every call is imperative to a successful business. Just my two cents…

My assistant answers the phone during the inspection.

I didn’t answer the phone when it was just me unless it was just me at the inspection.

The beginning is here.

I actually agree whole heartedly with that even though that’s not my current practice. When I first started I called all my competition and was astounded at the number of guys who didn’t answer their phone. Four years later when I purchased some rental property I thought about hiring one or two to see what their inspections were like and I called them all again. Same thing.

Easiest way to book inspections is to answer the phone and sell yourself.

I tell Realtors if they do not answer their phone during the inspection, I will not answer mine. Never had any of them take me up on it, yet.

If it seems the phone conversation is going to be long, I just tell them I will call them back after the inspection.

lol…understood…been there, done that. My oldest played ice hockey, so yeah, we were at the emergency room a time or three or four. The girl was a gymnastics fanatic and cheerleader-the hospital knew me by first name. My youngest is 13 and has only been twice…now I just say "get tough, put some mud on it, if you don’t bleed out in a few hours you’ll be fine!!

Good stuff, Eric!! All good reasons not to call. I may also add “when I’m drinking beer with my buddies”, and “when I’m entertaining a hooker”!! :|.)