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Why is that? When I decided to go with Fluke, there were many different offers. One offered a class for cheap if a Fluke IR camera was purchased from them. A second one offered a lower price then anyone else at the time.

The one that offered the class is the one I would have gone with but the class was too far. The cheapest company was only about 45 minutes from me and they had it in stock.

I stated FLIR not Fluke. There are distributors out there that will throw in a free (in actuality, nothing is FREE…you’re paying for it either way) holster, or battery or even a discounted course, but Flir product prices do not fluctuate amongst the distributors. You can call Flir directly and you will find that their prices are the same as their distributors.

The 5 hour online IR course on NACHI.TV does not meet the requirements of
infrared certification set down my InterNACHI, which requires 16 hours of IR
course time, plus the other conditions.

The 5 hour online course is intended to give inspectors an introduction to IR and
should not be mistaken as the full course given at

I understood you were talking about FLIR that’s why I asked “why is that?” and then gave an example of what I came across when looking at purchasing a Fluke.:neutral:

There are four things that help me decide what company I will go with when purchasing a product. Availability, price, service and extras. If everyone that sells FLIR offers the same availability, price and extras (if any), then the only thing left is service. As long as they don’t offer bad service, then what really separates these companies from the rest?:neutral:

Fluke is a very nice camera… I have no problems with it at all.
I just like FLIR better and more people recognize that brand.

That must be a regional thing. Fluke is well known around here.:neutral:

Besides the cheapest model FLIR EXTECH i5, I would never cut down FLIR.