My fluke ti32 just took a dump. Less than a year old. Shipping it to fluke today. They informed me that it will be repaired under warranty, (Great!!) but I should expect to be without the camera for 2 to 3 weeks (what???). I asked for a loner in the mean time and the service rep informed that fluke does not supply loners.

I just did a huge marketing push adding thermal imaging to my HI bussiness, phone is ringing, jobs are scheduling and now this!!!

I spend 7k to 8k for an IR camera, I have to ship it back for repairs and it is less than a year old!!! Now I’m left high and dry for 2-3 weeks!!!

Frustrating to say the least!! Argh!!!

Do any rental companies in your area rent them?

What is Fluke return policy? Purchase one, use it for two weeks and then return it “because you didn’t like it”, just hope that you don’t lose it in the mean time.


You didn’t “Drop” it did you?!

Call John McKenna, he says his dealers are better than sliced bread. I’m sure he can work something out for you.

No i didn’t drop it in fact always been very careful with it. Monitor just stopped working.

I leased it through a company that John put in touch with. The actual supplier was a/c tool supply.

I thought of rental, but am not aware of any body locally. I’ll have to do some research.

I was just being facetious because of all the great claims that John puts out here!

I guess it’s just ironic that your dilemma began with the person making these claims.

One of my Flir cameras quit working in its first year too. They paid the shipping, provided a loaner and upgraded the camera while was there being fixed.

I guess reality speaks for itself sometimes…

Reality also dictates that “****z Happens!”.

Call me at 480-528-4045, I will have no problems getting you loaner.


JJ you are a good man

While I have not been there to check it out for myself and your area may be different than others.
I was told that places like Lowes, Home Depot are renting out cameras.

Can you Rent one long enough to get yours fixed and be able to justify the cost of rental. or get Fluke to reimburse part if not all of the cost.

With the help of Jason @ A/C Tool Supply and Katrina & Andrae @ Fluke, a loaner was shipped out today using UPS 2 day air.

Thank you very much Jason, Katrina & Andrae. You saved my *****!! You all are the best!!!

Yup, I thought so!

Just need to talk to the right person…

It looks like AC tools came through after all. Just had to contact the right person.

Jason and AC tools are a good company to do business with.

Our other suppliers give loaners as well. I do not sell cameras, but find good deals for our students.