Zefon, Mold Sampling Pump - Z-Lite-Case-Tripod-Moisture Meter-Inspection Camera

All work like new. $350 (Free Shipping in Continental USA) Includes the Zefon, Mold Sampling Pump model, Z-Lite-IAQ. tripod, media (Case for Pump, Tripod & Media). Additional accessories
General 4 in 1 Pin/Pad RH Moisture Meter & RIDGID micro CA-25 Inspection Camera.
The tripod works but the stop/keeper for the top section broke. It does not prevent the tripod from extending and holding the hose and media to run the test, but when expanding the top section will separate. You just expand the tripod and then set top section on. Reason for selling, I retired December 31.

Zefon Mold Sampling Pump, case, test media, tripod, all SOLD.