Zefon Z-Lite IAQ Air Sampling Pump

If you are interested in mold sampling this is a good little air sampling pump. It comes with everything you see in the photos. Works perfectly!

Zefon Z-Lite IAQ Air Sampling Pump

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$100 + $20 shipping.

Justin, I see the pump you bought there are just a couple issues I see with that pump. I am NOT knocking you, just trying to help you out and take it or leave it.

That pump uses a plastic hose, which can trap mold spores inside. For it to be proper the entire plastic tube needs to be thoroughly cleaned before EACH sample. See the problem there?

The “calibration” device is never required to be calibrated, so how would you know if it is accurate?

I prefer and use Buck pumps or Air-O-Cell bio pump plus. I use the Buck rotameters that must be calibrated at least annually.

Yes they are signficantly more expensive, but I view everything I do as if it were going to court and protect myself in a manner I feel is acceptable. If you were to get called into court, they would tear you to shreds.

Do as you wish and it’s your company, this is just my thoughts on the product and the reason I don’t use them. Am I right? Yes…NO…depends on your view and there is not right or wrong answer.


Russ, I think there’s an adjustment on there with a mercury float for calibration. I have no idea, but the plastic tube is on the “out” side of the cartridge, the intake is likely the air o cell directly.

I could be wrong, just looking, I’ve seen something similar in a local store.

The air runs through the tube.

How can a device used for calibration never have to be calibrated? Makes no sense to me.

A lot of stuff is sold in stores. Doesn’t mean it’s smart to buy it.

There’s nothing wrong with the Zefon pump. The plastic tube is behind the cartridge and doesn’t have to be cleaned every time. Periodic cleanings are all that is needed. The pump doesn’t “Backflow” to the spore trap so there’s no way to cross contaminate. The rotometer is very accurate but can be checked against a standard if required.

Wow that looks like a really great deal, it’s hard to come by one of those for that price.