Zinsco Main and Sub panels

Besides the age and the double tap on the main, the EGCs and Neutrals together in the sub panel. The knock outs missing and the cable on the sub missing the clamp coming into the sub panel. And yes it had pointed screws that came with this little jewel. Am I missing anything?

The main panel is mounted outside on the north side of the house and the sub-panel is located in the garage on the opposite side. As you can see the main disconnect is 100 amps/Zinsco. The double tap that is coming out of there is going to the AC compressor that is right nest to it. This feeds the sub-panel that is on the opposite side of the garage.

Where do the double tap conductors terminate?

The EGC’s and neutrals being bonded at the sub panel is only half of the issue. The EGC’s need to be bonded to the enclosure, while the neutrals remain isolated.

It’s a “hot-mess” and needs fixin’.

The double tap terminates in the disconnect for the AC condenser disconnect that is right next to the Main panel.