100 + 100 = 200 amps?

Does this panel that has two 100 amp breakers mean it’s a 200 amp panel?

No. It is 100 amp. And the two 50 amps breakers that are tied together are 50 amps, not 50 + 50 = !00.

That 2 pole 100 amp CB can provide either 100 amps @ 240 volts or 200 amps @ 120 volts but in answer to your question as Chris stated it’s 100 amps.

The last time I said this it turned into 4 or 5 pages of debate IIRC.

Robert is correct.


… and in case you weren’t aware, that’s a Zinsco panel.

There you go Jim, now we should get 4 or 5 pages :mrgreen:

Not having any experience with Zinsco, how did they arrange for every other breaker to hit the buss? I thought they had a solid bar from top to bottom.

The breaker contacts are staggered, instead of the bus bars being staggered.

Each breaker has two slots to fit over the bus bars, but the contact is placed in only the top or bottom slot. You could literally load one bus completely full with the other left empty if you wanted to.

So you had to configure the breaker by moving a contact clip from one slot to the other?

Honestly, I don’t know if the contact can be relocated or not (I’ve never installed them), but that’s my assumption. It’s either that or you have to purchase them with an upper or lower contact.

Thanks Jeff.

100 amps as others have said.

Just curious, what does conv stand for?

“Convenience” circuit. AKA counter top plugs/outlets

Come on guys everyone knows 100 + 100 does equal 200 but just not amperage:p

Ok, that would make sense then.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

In a perfectly balanced system with 120 volt loads you can get 200 amps out of that panel.