100 amp service - 200 amp panel?

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Currently my elctrical set up is this..

100 amp service lines (I've contacted my electricity companyto confirm)
60 amp double fuse disconnect (throw switch)
200 amp breaker panel (new installation - previous owners)

My question, is it safe to remove the 60 amp disconnect, and re-wire from the meter directly to the panel? I would like to upgrade to the 100 amp service available to me. I seem to remember some issues with the panel being rated higher then the service entry.

Thanks in advance...

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Is this overhead or underground service?

I don't believe you can wire that directly to the panel. Here are some considerations: (NOT advice... please contact the power company and/or a licensed sparky).

First off...the only thing pretty much guaranteed is that the 60A disconnect could be replaced with a 100A disconnect. The only caveat being that the wire from the service head to the disconnect, and from the disconnect to the panel has to be 100 A wire.

However, if you have overhead service there is a chance that the power company uses the same wire for 100A and 200A service (possibly #2.. which is very common). In this case, you would still need to upgrade what's running from the service head into the panel if any of it along the way is not 4/0 AL or 3/0 Copper.

A lot of it is based on "calculated" load, but I do know one thing--the wire from the service head to the panel has to be the correct size. The overhead service wire may be sized differently by the power company, and in that case it is up to them.

So get an electrician and the power company involved.