$100 Off Ir Reporting Software

Hello Everyone,

As most of you have already seen in one of my past posts, I was researching the IR market for infrared reporting software. There are several IR reporting software packages out there, so I decided to download and sample all the IR reporting software packages I could find by internet.

After playing around with all that I could find, I found that some of them were just so confusing and way too sophisticated for what I was looking for. I wanted software that was simple and didn’t contain home inspection related contents, as I already have my favorite home inspection reporting methods. So I went and weeded out all the sophisticated software programs until I found one that I got real comfortable with pretty quick.

After downloading the sample version of Dual-View IR software (on-line) and playing with its features for a couple days, I started to like this software program very much due to its ease of use and its capabilities. Dual-View reporting software creates a very nice IR report that enables you to create a nice cover page (with the picture of the house and the client’s information). Then you go ahead and place all your IR images in a side-by-side format next to your digital images. Then to finalize the report, all you have to do is enter all your pertinent information regarding your findings under the images and when you’re complete, you “Save” and place this IR report into your favorite folder. Then if you would like the option of sending this Infrared Report as a PDF file (easy email option for your client’s) all you have to do is click the “PDF” tab and your report is easily converted into PDF format and it’s now ready emailing or simply “Save it” in a PDF format.

I like this software so much, that I figured other iNACHI members (who are now offering IR services) would also like this reporting program. So I decided to ask the manufacturers of Dual-View for some sort of special discount that they can offer to all iNACHI members. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been emailing back and forth with Dual-View representatives attempting to get some sort of discount in place that’ll benefit all members equally.

Well, I’d like to announce that Dual-View IR software representatives have finally agreed to offer all iNACHI members a $100.00 discount off this software package for the next 12 months. The regular price of this software package is normally $399.00**,** but for the next 12 months iNACHI members can purchase this software for $299.00. If you’re interested in a nicely formatted IR reporting software the first thing I’d like you to do is try it out …FREE. Get your SAMPLE VERSION HERE or email me and I can mail you the sample version on CD for your review.

If you then decide that this IR reporting software is for you and would like to use it permanently, simply go to the special iNACHI discount page here and place your order. For those who know other HI’s who do not have internet access or simply would like to order their full version by phone, please call Toll Free 1 (888-736-2462 and don’t forget to give them your special discount code ND3 in order for the $100.00 discount to be applied. You also have the option of printing out the coupon at the lower portion of this post. and mail in your request for the full version of this IR reporting software by snail mail.

If and when you do purchase this software, Dual-View offers FREE email/telephone technical support for one year from the date of purchase. I can personally vouch that Dual-View representatives are easy to get a hold of. They actually have real people on the other end who answer all of their incoming phone calls. Also, after I had emailed them several times with questions regarding my IR software program, I had received replies within hours of sending out my email. They will not leave you waiting in the dark, as I’ve experienced with many other manufacturer technical support departments, who require you to leave voice-mails and they’ll probably return your call in a week or two.

Any questions that you may have, can be asked here on this thread or just send me an email.

Discount Coupon for FULL VERSION Dual-View_Coupon.pdf



I do have CD’s (left over) for anyone who may be interested in sampling Dual-View IR reporting software. They are going fast.



You have mail.


I’ll have that DEMO in the mail first thing tomorrow morning.

If you have any questions regarding Dual-View, please don’t hesitate to ask. I know the features of this software inside and out.

I have sampled quite a few IR software packages (in the near past) and found them to be very complicated. I wanted BASIC and SIMPLE. I find Dual-View very easy to use and would never use anything but.

Thanks David!

That’s what I need, something simple!!

I saw a demo on FLIR reporter 8 software and it looks great. One problem $4000.00 plus the training course.

Can the dual view be used with any IR image?


Absolutely. If it’s an image, Dual-View accepts it.

I just purchased this software.Thanks for your help David V. and Roy C.!!!


I’m absolutely sure that you’ll be another satisfied user of Dual-View IR reporting software. If you have any questions whatsoever, I’m here for ya.


I loaded the license on my laptop with no problems but it will not load into my tablet. I was told it would load into both computers with no problem. Do you know anything about this? If so I could use your help my friend. I e-mailed Dual-View with my problem but I don’t expect a response until Mon.

Thanking you in advance

This is a great IR reporting software package. Simply ask the members who are utilizing it now.

Get this software at a discount now, before the price goes up again.


The colder months are approaching and more HI’s are talking about getting into IR inspections, so I just want everyone to know that the awesome Dual-View software is very easy to use and several HI’s have found this software to be HI friendly.

It’s free to sample. Here’s the DOWNLOAD

Good Luck to everyone. I hope the colder months keep you busy with IR inspections.

I was able to get this discount extended until Jan 2009. After that, it’ll go back to $399.00.

I purchased duel view many months ago and I love it. This is a great opportunity, take advantage of it you wont be sorry.

David: Thank you for pioneering the way for us so that we also can benefit with the best software available. I am in the market for the IR camera, IR software and the inspection report writing software program that you are using. Todays problem for me is that I have a 7.0 version of 3D Inspection software that is not supported by VISTA. Man, did I learn about the non compatability the hard way. {note: *I can still conduct inspections in the field with my nifty HP IPAQ 5555 pocket computer but now that I upgraded to wireless laptop and printer I need a VISTA friendly program}. *Can you recommend a user friendly inspector report writing program that is VISTA compatable? Thanks again, G.


Dual-View is Vista Compatible. I started using this program with Windows XP and then I upgraded my desktop and had to purchase Windows Vista. The Dual-View techies were on the ball and had this program compatible with Vista right away.

Try the sample program RIGHT HERE. I’m sure you’ll find this program very easy to use.

Any questions, call or email me.