Dual-View software

Anybody using it for their reports?

I received a demo CD and it looks good, I want something that is easier than producing independent IR reports using word.

Appreciate any input from those who do use it, thanks.

Home Inspector Pro Software
has been recently certified for
infrared imaging use!

Does side by side very well
and batch loading of images.


Peter, What problems are you having with Word?

Hello Peter,

I’m on break right now (participating in Level 1 IR certification) and I’ll answer your question.

I did purchase this software and I absolutely love it. It’s very easy to use once you play with it for a couple days.

I recommend you hang in there for a little bit (before purchasing this software) as Dual-View will be coming out with a discount for iNACHI members in the very near future. I will be announcing when this discount offer is effective…very soon.

Oops, Bernie Lyon (the ITA instructor is back), I gotta go.

John, I presently use Home Gauge software for my home inspections and love it, what I’m looking for is a software program I can use for just IR scans.

David A. I PMd a response to your email, Thanks!

David V. Yes I like the ease of this software too and the price is affordable, just one question though, why would you be announcing the INACHI discount? do you have something to do with the company?

Thanks for all the input.

I had already purchased this software and at the same time, I asked if iNACHI members could be offered a discount of some sort.

I am presently working with Don (from Dual-View) who is working on a web page for the iNACHI discount.

As I stated…Stay tuned.


Just a question for my own understanding. If you insert two photos into HG you will get them side by side, and you can use any of your comments just like you do for your HIs (same or a different set), so it would seem to me a template for your IR work would provide you with exactly what your looking for, but then I could be completely wrong :shock::mrgreen:.

So, my question is how would it be different then what I described? Just trying to understand why you would want a second product for this.


I want a program that is for IR scans only such as heat loss survey on building, commercial roofs that leak, pre and post blown in insulation jobs. These are totally separate from home inspections and I love Home Gauge but it’s to much work to change it for these inspections.

I just purchased Dual-view, Adam lived up to his post on another thread and it only cost INACHI members $199.00 only till tomorrow.

When I do home inspections that include IR then I use Home Gauge.


I’m also curious. Why couldn’t you just use HomeGauge and just insert the photos and not have the other sections print? Seems like it would be the exact same. Is there something Dual-View is doing that HG is not? Why would it be any work?


I have Home Gauge set up to do residential inspections and with all the disclaimers that refer to home inspections I just want that for residential home inspections.

This new software will solely be for independent Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections that have nothing to do with home inspections. Mostly commercial buildings, and for the $199.00 it cost me, I wont have to spend time converting sections of Home Gauge to make it work for commercial IR scans. I just don’t have the time or the computer skills to do that, I like the fact that Dual-View will accomplish this for me right out of the box.

Does anyone else out there understand what I’m trying to do?

Thats exactly what I want and will also be ordering dual-view today have the sample and like what I see.


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Just ordered it ,Great people to talk too will post how it works for me in a few days

Roy, this software is very user friendly and will do what I want out of the box with no effort on my part. I will use this completely separate from my home inspection software which is what I wanted, plus you can’t beat the price their offering.

I know some will say I could convert Home Gauge to do the same but I’m the kind of guy that wants it set up for me and the easier the better.

Guess I’m lazy.

I received mine through the email and I’ll post on the results. I have two heat loss surveys on commercial/residential building coming up and I can’t wait to try it out.

The reason I ask is because Home Inspector Pro basically works similar to HG. I’m planning on including blank template which would make it print out just like what your dual-view report would look like. As far as I know, HG has the capability to just check a few boxes and not have anything else print.

When you guys have some samples done please post them, I’d like to see how it looks.

Guess I’m just cheap :mrgreen:, if I already have a tool that will do the job, I will just use it instead of buying another tool. I wasn’t implying that dualview is the wrong way to go, just that I don’t understand what it does that HG does do. I would actually be curious to see what you are producing from dual view, if you send me a mock up or one of your upcoming reports, I’ll see what I could do with HG and send it back to you.

The reason I say this is from everything that you and others have described about this tool, I think it’s fairly basic (could be wrong) and that all you would have to do is select the IR Scan template, or whatever we called it and do your report, no need for a second program. If I’m wrong, then I’d have a better understanding of what dual view does and why its worth the $$ when it comes time for me to invest in a IR camera.

– bz

Brian, no problem. I guess if your out doing independent IR surveys you would understand the need better. I love Home Gauge for what it does but this software will make my IR only inspections easier especially for the commercial IR I am doing and are getting more and more calls for it.

Another reason I wanted separate software is I can use this software for my construction/remodeling business. Typically when I go out on a lead I bring the camera and will do a scan, this software will allow me to create a quick report that I can email, minus the home inspection disclaimers.

I guess you have to understand everything I do with my three businesses, it gets complicated and separate software programs helps me to diversify with little effort on my part.

I would be more than happy to send you a report when I can get one made up.

Brian if I can give you two examples .
I have a 7 1/4 saw and it does a great job.
But I bought a trim saw Porter cable 5 inch .
It is great for most of my work and is easy to use.
I had 3 Battery drills and saw a light weight 12 volt with lithium battery.
I now have 4 drills and the tiny 12 volt gets the most use .
I expect I will be as satisfied with the Duel-view as it is small light and simple .

Thanks …Cookie

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HomeGuage will do exactly what y ou want it to do, BUT someone has to develop the template that doesn’t have home inspection disclaimers, home inspector comments, etc in it and DOES have the Commericial IR disclaimers, IR comments, etc in it.

Then it would be a case of selecting that template when starting the report.

HOWEVER, Peter doesn’t want to be the one that spends that time developing the template. He wants a work out of the box solution.

That’s the same reason I take my car to a car cleaning service. I get a better return on my time by paying someone else to do that for me.

It’s the same reason I take my car to a mechanic. I get a better return on my time by paying someone else to do that for me.

It’s just a question of time and money. Peter chose to spend money instead of time. Big deal. We all do it all the time in making our choices about what we want to do for ourselves versus what we want to pay someone else to do.

Good post Erby!! It,s so true.

Good Luck with Level 1 David!!


I understand you perfectly!!