110 volt feed, jumper on lugs?

Old bldg. converted into 5 units, mostly residential.
6 meters, one for common area.

This was in 1st floor unit.
110V feed.

My main concern is the jumper on the lugs.



PS - I have no idea why the image rotated to horizontal…

Its a single 120 volt circuit that is fed with a 120 volt line and they have used a double tap . They have used a red wire as neutral should have been white they have double taps on some breakers
I would recommend they get an electrician to repair this installation I hope the pipe is metal if Plastic there is no ground .

Looks like more wrong than right.

Tom, as Roy started saying, they really only have a 120v panel. They jumped the lugs so both Bus bars would be hot and useable. I have seen that before in some older row houses in Baltimore before. That double pole breaker is useless as tits on a bull, as that panel does not have 240 volts.


The jumper is incorrect, there are 3 circuits in the raceway adjacent to the receptacle but only 2 neutrals which could overload one neutral. The two pole CB has no conductors attached but could be used for two 120 volt loads. The feeder raceway appears to be EMT which could serve as the EGC.

I fixed it for you.

Thanks Roy, how’d you do that?

Thanks Robert and all.
I recommended evaluation by a licensed sparky of course…

Call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you.
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Just asking, why evaluation ?

I use a variety of words and phrases. Sometimes I’ll use “evaluate” when I’d like the specialist to not just focus on one issue but to look over the whole panel for instance.

Other times I’m very specific about how I’d prefer something be repaired/corrected.

Just trying to understand how others use words and not picking on you.

When I had my wife look at the statement (I did not give her my opinion) who has wrote medical protocols and works at the medical research dept for the University of Wisconsin ( “I might not of even had someone look at it right away and it might have even been forgotten about over time as the urgency was not there.” )

To me when something needs corrected (using your op pic) it should convey as needing corrected and if you feel add further evaluation of the panel and correct as needed. IMO