120-volt 30-amp service

Found this service and panel on an inspection this week. Seems like it’s the original from 1940 when the house was built. Lots of other interesting issues found.

S7304364 copy.JPG

S7304329 copy.JPG

S7304366 copy.JPG

S7304363 copy.JPG


Not sure I have actually seen a 120 Volt 30 AMP service.

Nice overfuseing on all the branch circuits too. wow wow

It is truely amazing what some people will do to avaoid upgrading.

They are, usually, the first to try to sue someone else for their lack of responsibility.

Go figure.

Of the 120V, 30 amp services that I’ve upgraded the last few years, every single one of them was in a home formerly occupied by a very aged person who either passed on or moved to a nursing home.

I find the service equipment for these 30 amp services is most often located in the attic when the home has an attic with a floor. Just a head’s up if you’re ever hunting the fusebox and cant’ find it in one of the usual spots.

…and of course every fuse socket is filled with a 30 amp fuse…:roll: Just a little over amped…

…and you have to love the direct connection in pic #4

Always surprised to see something like this that has not burned down yet.

Assuming any diversity at all across the 4 circuits it would be hard to actually have a hazard in any single one with the 30a fuses without blowing the main.

I will pretty much mirror what Marc said.
I have seen several in second floor bedrooms just inside from the service drop. Many in basements as well though.

The first one I ever saw blew my mind! :shock: