$125 Wind Mitigation

On Feb 1, 2012 we will be increasing our standard wind mitigation price to $125. For this price our inspections will be reviewed by our quality assurance department and supported if insurance carriers request additional information.

The new wind mitigation form requires additional work as well as additional support after the inspection has been completed. If anyone needs a wind mitigation inspection we are happy to help.

I am not going to lower my price to match that!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Definately not my point. We have many clients who we have contacted and emailed but we do not want them to be surprised about the price.

Awesome I hope everyone does.

I cannot promise it but if I can and still get the phone to ring I will as well. I really do not think it will work but I can dream of a fair price :slight_smile:

Chris good luck and stick to your guns.:smiley:


So if a vendor starts using you right now are you allowing them to use your current pricing structure?

Inquiring minds want to know! LOL :p:twisted:

Special of the day. 1/17/12. Limited Time Only $80.00. Full Wind Mitigation Inspection or Citizen’s Roof Condition Report.


Damn I did not do a new one for today :frowning: No wonder no calls.

I must run and fix that. Thanks as always :slight_smile:

That price is for the current form.

I am waiting to see what happens with the new one.

I will likely test out a higher price but I have my doubts.

Now this is much better :slight_smile:

Amazing Weekend Special. 1/20/12. Limited Time Only $80.00. Full Wind Mitigation Inspection or Citizen’s Roof Condition Report. Book by Email NOW! *GET ONE DONE NOW BECAUSE THE O.I.R. HAS CHANGED THE FORM FOR THE WORSE. *This deal is to too good to miss. Do not forget to click the +1 to be eligible.

You sure about that?

Eight of the inspections that I am updating had what are now single wraps but were clips.
On the other ones that I am redoing, everything stayed the same.

I don’t recall doing a wind mit yet that agreed with the previous one. Doesn’t seem to matter if it was the old 2 page form or the 2010 form. Haven’t heard of too many re-inspections agreeing with anyone elses, either.:roll:

Just my personal opinion of the new form and a sales pitch.

I am there to sell inspection Now.

Act now don’t delay.

Hurry hurry hurry.



I am not embarrassed by the fact that I “sell it”

I am in the business to make money and do inspections.

I guess I shoul have said “I am there to sell inspections”

not “I am there to sell inspection Now.”

I had to run out and pick up some kidlets from school.

You ever heard of “Crazy Eddie”? LOL :mrgreen:

Wind Mitigation InterNet Special…:slight_smile:

Go to Paypal and deposit $49.95

Choose six photos that closely match what you see in your attic:roll:

Drag these photos into the numbered box on our Convenient Online Form:shock:

Click SAVE:eek:

Enter Insurance Agent email address:p

Click SEND NOW:)

Enjoy your SAVINGS:D

Thank you for stopping by our web friendly store;-)

a lot of folks are using the pictures to fake crap and using pictures they have for pictures they cannot take. :slight_smile:

On a side note.
I just booked an wind mit for Feb 2 for $150.00 woo ho.

I told another guy the price yesterday and never heard back from him :frowning:

Only time will tell where these prices end up.

On a side note.
I just booked an wind mit for Feb 2 for $150.00 woo ho.

Great back to 2007 prices !

I just lost one bid at $125. Went for $65.

On the new form ?

It does not surprise me one bit.

I truthfully do not suspect we will get any price increases fopr those of us who rely on advertising to get work.

Sad but true.

maybe they are trying my new internet, “post your own photos” idea posted above!