Wind Mit pricing

I have been charging $100 for a win mit or $75 if done in conjunction with a home inspection since I do not have to make a separate trip. I received a call from a customer I did a home inspection for saying that he needed the wind mit but his insurance agent told him he had someone that would come out and do the wind mit for $50.

He asked me if I would do it for that price. I told him that I had seen the work some of these guys do and I would not try to match their price. He said that was good enough and he wanted me to do it.

I am sorry but I know there are a lot of guys doing them for $75 or $85 around here but $50? If that becomes the norm, I will stop doing them.

It has been the Norm for many years for the guys that get all their work from Agents.

$150 stand alone,75 during the inspection.
I really don’t want to do them at all.

I hate them no matter what…just can pay me enough to put up with more inexperienced people trying to sell something ! :shock: :slight_smile:

I hear you, Red Neck Roy and Fred!

Way too much work for too little $.

Hey Redneck Pete !
How you been doing?

Too many questions come up now. We get more calls on the Wind Mitigation Inspections to clarify something that is already stated in the report then the Home Inspection report. $50 guys wont be doing that for long.

I’ve seen what these guys do. I go into an attic and see where they marked the nails on one truss in an area about 12 to 16 inches long and that is all. I guess if I only spent 5 minutes in the attic and didn’t look any closer, I could do them for that price too.

I know of more than one inspector that charges $239 and up for wind mits and gets it. Of course, the inspector does not do the volume that the $50 inspectors do, but the reports are accurate and reliable. The reality is pricing depends on your clientele, location, and business model.

I agree Preston, they are just a PAIN. Between the HO and the IA way too many calls/questions on any Insurance type inspection, just not worth it.

They will always be there.:twisted:


Do not worry what others charge. Your pricing is the exact same as mine; $100 for a win mit or $75 if done in conjunction with a home inspection. Some guys rather do 8 plus wind mits a day instead of two or three home inspection. No me, I take the required pictures in every home inspection and more than half call me right after closing about the wind mit, if I have not already spoke to them about it and I say “no problem” and spend 5 min to put together the report (thanks to John Scishilla’s easy fill report), Easy money. I have seen some of those attics with markers using their fancy metal detectors. I hardly even us a tape measure. Out of hundreds of wind mit and thousands of home inspections, one insurance carrier called me out on not having a tape measure on a house built in the 70’s that I doubted they would even want a wind mit, so I made a 2nd trip and took another pic.
Do what you do, if you are good your phone will keep ringing.

What do you use Big Shot?

Roy - A digital camera, and you?

For once I agree with Meeker, do what is asked and nothing more. Going above and beyond does not get you any more money. The wind mit form is quite specific on what they want.

Wohoo a convert :slight_smile: