Wind mit special

Such a dangerous and life threating inspection for so little WOW

Now you can call MM or you can get stuck with the insurance company’s inspection, which is a bad thing according to this web site, or you can have the insurance company recommend MM. Which is good?
so confusing and for so little money, oh and the sky will be falling when the new form comes out.

I give the guy credit. At least he is advertising and going after business. Unfortunately, his pricing is competitive down here. we have guys doing wind mits for $65 and $75 all day long. For those that are surviving mainly on wind mits, they have no choice to meet the market price. I guess if you are doing 5 to 7 a day you can make about $500 bucks a day. Should prices go up - absolutely. Will they - probably not, at least no is this area.

Just wondering what type of proof is available to back this? :twisted:
COMPANIES.” :roll:

The rest of the rest of the information on the site is GREAT marketing IMO. :cool:
I don’t want the insurance company to send out their Inspector!!! :eek:
I’d call Mike to perform my Wind Mit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my 2 cents anyway.
Stay safe & Happy Inspecting!

Nice website and marketing. However, the prices are WAY TOO LOW. No UMVI should be less than $100. IMHO:roll:

Actually, no wind mit should be below $150.00, more if you are chasing down permits and ratings. Unfortunately down in this area most of the insurance agents have guys doing them for $75 or less. It impossible to compete when you quote a price and they tell you the insurance agent quoted less. People do not understand quality, just price, especially in today’s economy. I gave up quoting stand alone wind mits a long time ago. Too busy with regular inspections to worry about it. The only way I do them is an add on.

Thanks but not if you want the phone to ring :slight_smile:

About a week and a half ago the deal was for $100. When I started out is was always just $70.


I definitely have more experience than most regular HI’s because they have not been able to do them until just recently. I think the statement of more experience than most is pretty accurate. Definitely not more experience than ALL.


I do not recall seeing this part “or you can have the insurance company recommend MM.” I do have a few insurance people who recommend me based on price and extreme high quality and speedy service but I do not pursue them even though I bought the list to help nachi nickles :). Thanks I love it when threads like this get started. That is how I found out about Nachi. here is the link that started it all :slight_smile: again Dennis.


You were doing them back when it was a two page form, I assume?
I know I was. :mrgreen:

YEP, aND LAST WEEK THE SPECIAL WAS $95. i KEEP IT CHANGING. sry bout caps. But 4 points never less than $100 when paired and never less than $125 alone normally $150 alone.

I have a niche that works for me when I schedule efficiently.

\Today 3/2 in Hollywood 1967 home $400 home inspection. Insurance inspections included if requested before or at time of the inspection.

4 the record I do not chase any permit information they have it or they get it themselves I get them tips on how to acquire

Glad to hear it!
Course…you are a couple of hundred behind me…but at least you are heading up…unlike some.

So Bruce what was the purpose of this post? Are you trying to spread the word of my great offer.

It’s all about marketing your self & to potential clients.
I think Mike is doing a fair job by constantly updating his site with weekly specials.
I only wish we could all charge for more Wind Mitigation’s, but unfortunately the competition is steep.
Some inspectors give kick backs to the Insurance agents that use them.
I gain a majority of business from client referrals.
Anyways that’s my 2 cents, Safe Inspecting everyone.

Nice gold necklace. Is that a Mr. T. starter kit??

If it would work I would charge more. When I charge to much I get clicks and NO calls.

Who me?

Remember, would you want the guy in the web site entering your house. Maybe if your a young person trained in combat, buy the majority of home owners are older vulnerable people. Change your picture for a couple of children and a dog. Good luck, remember what Vince Lombardi said, “when the goin gets tuff, the tuff get goin.”

Could be one way to look at it but I only hear that I look much younger in person :slight_smile:

I guess I will not hear from those who do not like it.

I feel it lets them know exactly who to expect and what I will look and sound like.

I do think it would help a lot more if I were supper buff and rocking a 6 pack but I do not see that in my future.

I would offer shirtless inspections at twice the going rate if I had it going on like that.

I would get all the business :slight_smile:

LOL I loved that movie! :twisted: