portrait along with today’s nicely installed Sarnafil roof a few HVAC and kitchen exhaust units

note the trash bag vent covers :shock:

Wow, what kind of building was that Barry?

I would not want their electric bill. ha. ha.

Roof looks good in the picture anyways.

Any issues you found on that one?

Very nice.

Your portrait came out as a flash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

When is it time to harvest all those AC units? Looks like an air conditioning farm to me.

Looks like a nice sized property. What was it and how big?

Not many issues, mostly absent roof vents and elec. anomalies with the UPS system for med. facility. We had a lot of 2-way radio conversations figuring out all of the nicely labeled and very well installed HVAC systems locations/zones but all occupancies do not have tenants yet they just wanted a looksee to “keep the builder in line” before all finish out COs are issued and he’s down the road.

Bldg. is less then a year old 2-story, 60K sqft, 10-unit mixed-tenant everything from a RE, CW mortgage, medical/fascial surgery, “up-scale” restaurants just damn pricey if you ask me…I sprung for our lunch. :-({|=


That’s not a flash that’s the glow of success the therapist says my Marcel/Dale-envy is subsiding nicely. A few more of these and I should be cured! :smiley:

I guess I missed your call to tag along. :frowning:

Barry, when you do an inspection like this do you record make, model # serial # ETC of all the roof top units? Or just report they work where working at the time of inspection?

Barry have You always had that glowing thing going on…must be hard to sleep man…jim

You know I can’t take you along or into occupied inspections.
Your appearance way outshines my game. :wink:
This was already enough of a mess with clients staff, contractors, shoppers, diners, occupants…you get the picture…there’s always tomorrows EIFS+home…call if you want an invite.

I loathe notepads, tape recorders…
I shoot a pic of each ID and equip label and then document which lease/location/zone it services depending on client needs and circumstances.
Many times no need to retype everything over and over just include pics with report, done deal

example of more info than most require or understand

Nie job Barry, well done.

Wondering about your portrait though?
Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken? :smiley:

My sis makes fun of 'em too. Glad to make you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That’s why the bride lets me sleep outside with the dogs and why you’re getting this reply, I’m awake, look at the time.
I’m onsite in about 3 hrs. Hope yours is as good as mine’s gonna be.
Good nite