$42,000.00 New Tile Roof

He did not cover the 2x4’s with felt or flashing, this was a Clay Roof Covering which was stripped and Cement Tiles installed.

After I told him he could not have exposed untreated, no felt, no flashing, 2x4’s, he bought rolls of “Moist Stop” for window nail-fins and wadded it all over hells creation--------An Inspector from the state of Arizona Registrar of Contractors is coming to the property Friday to explain why exposed wood will rot in time, and Moist Stop is really not the proper way to protect the wood, or help stop the rain water from running under the tiles at ALL the ridges----:shock:

Jeeze dude. It’s just missing a bit of mud & paper. What do you expect for only $42K?

Are they Licensed in Arizona?

Got 42 big ones… It’s your baby now,
You voided the warranty by walking on the roof.:p:p

Yes, Condo Bob—:stuck_out_tongue:

Walk----I didn’t get out of my truck----:stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to call you today Dan…after the rain we just had----:stuck_out_tongue:

The poor old folks who own the house need some IR work done-----:smiley:

I’ll call ya tomorrow-----:-({|=

It is tomorrow did you call Dan yet?

They even do better then that here with tile roofs.

I just tried, no answer—weird huh?

Thought he said he always answers the phone----:stuck_out_tongue:

He was jerking your chain.


Holy Chit!
Did the “contractor” file bankruptcy yet? :wink:

You would think for 42K the tiles would go all the way up

He might Monday morning, I was at the property yesterday when the state inspector was there, he said he would have his report done in 2 weeks and mailed to the contractor and home owner.

I asked him if he thought it would take him 2 weeks to do the report (lot of writing)—he winked and said by the way, why aren’t there any Kick-Out Diverters installed—:smiley:

I told him the owner called me to late, he already signed the contract, but I told the owner maybe I could could get C Brown to fly down and install them–:shock: