1950's prefab concrete wall panels

These concrete wall panels were interesting and new to me.

There was a bottom plate, then a c-channel with the refab panels inserted into it, then another c-channel with a top plate last. Between the panels was some okum type material with a tar that was applied inside and out on the joints which was still in good shape.

I thought others would be interested too.

S6300237 (Small).JPG

S6300237 (Small).JPG

S6300235 (Small).JPG

S6300236 (Small).JPG

S6300238 (Small).JPG

I have never seen anything like it Larry…was it in a home or commercial building?

A 1400 sq. ft. ranch home, Dale but it must not have caught on because it is the first and last I’ve seen.

Hi Larry,

Interesting “Tilt-up” construction, I have never seen that type of system employed on a residential structure, it’s much more common in Commercial building however, back in the 50’s when housing was going mad many companies (Lustron & others) developed panelized construction methods to speed up build times. I have seen a few oddities over the years and suspect that many of them were from smaller regional manufacturers, or in your case probably an attempt by a local concrete casting company to expand and diversify.

Do you have any exterior shots for me to add to my collection?



Thanks for the information, Gerry. A small company was what I thought, too.

One of the carpenters on site remarked how soft the concrete of it was. He cut some of it with a regular sawzall blade.

I wanted some outside pictures, too, but it was furred out with 1x3 and covered with fiberboard lap siding. I could see a small area where the meter and service drop had been removed but that was all. Sorry.

Hi Larry

That sounds a bit worrying, I might have been tempted to have the concrete evaluated by a specialist



Interesting Larry, never saw anything like it. :slight_smile:

Yes, if it had been an inspection of mine I would have commented similarly.